Unlocking Zork Terminal & Activision Arcade Machine in Black Ops Cold War

This is a major throwback to the original Black Ops 1 easter egg, so before we get into this tutorial, let's go back 10 years into Black Ops 1, where the whole ZORK easter egg originated from. For those of you who don't know, in the original Black Ops 1, you could free Mason from the chair and walk around in the main menu screen.

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After freeing Mason, you could go behind the chair he was strapped in to find a very old terminal in which you could type in several commands, including secret cheat codes. Another thing you could do was play a text-based adventure game called ZORK.

This classic easter egg now makes its return 10 years later in Black Ops Cold War. You get to access the terminal and can play not just ZORK, but also ZORK 2 and ZORK 3. You can also play classic Activision arcade games on an arcade machine, in addition to the ZORK games.

As well as the written guide below, we also have a video guide showing you how to access the locked room and get to the terminal and arcade machine.

Video Guide

Open The Coded Locked Door

First and foremost, you need to open up the locked door in the CIA Safe House that you start from every time you load your campaign.

You will find the terminal and arcade games just behind this very door. How do we open it? Follow the steps provided below, and you should be good to go!

Step 1

Notice the clipboard beside the locked door? It will have a list of documents in the order from 1-3. Note it down

Step 2

Locate these records and you will find two highlighted numbers on each of the following documents that will be used to unlock the door:

    • Warren Commission - CIA Activity: The first document is right in front of the locked door. Just look down and you will see the document at your feet. You will notice two highlighted numbers "2" and "two." We have our first set of numbers which is 2 2.

    • Clinical Record - Autopsy Report: The second document is found in the long blue hallway to the left of the locked door. Go inside the hallway and look at the wall to your left. There will be a clipboard just by the fuse box. The highlighted numbers on this are "1" and "1," which gives us our second set of numbers, which is 1 1.

    • Dallas News Article - Sniper Kills President: The third and last document is in the darkroom, which is just behind the evidence board you use to start your missions. Go into the room and look to your right, and you will see the clipboard on the wall. The highlighted numbers here are "six" and "three," giving us our final set of number 6 3.

Step 3

Go back to the locked door and as mentioned earlier, the clipboard by the locked door gives us the order in which these sets of numbers will go into the lockpad. The order on the clipboard is:

  1. Clinical Records...
  2. Warren Commission...
  3. Dallas News Article...

That gives us our final code: 112263. Put this into the locked door to unlock it and access your terminal and the arcade games. From this point onward, this room will be permanently accessible throughout the game.

Terminal & Zork

Enter the room and at the very back you will find an old terminal that you can use to put in different commands, just like the terminal found in Black Ops 1 easter egg.

You can type in "help" to see a list of commands that you can put in and also type in Zork to start up the text-based adventure game. You may explore the rest yourself and find more possible hidden easter eggs.

Activision Games Arcade Machine

Opposite the terminal, you can find an arcade machine that you can use to play several classic Activision games. There are a total of ten classic games that you can play, and they are as follows.

    • Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

    • Barnstorming

    • Boxing

    • Chopper Command

    • Enduro

    • Fishing Derby

    • Grand Prix

    • Kaboom!

    • Pitfall!

    • River Raid

You might remember some of these games from the fabled PawnTakesPawn easter egg.

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