Unlocking Class Mods In Borderlands 3

If you are a veteran or a fan of the Borderlands series, you will know what class mods are. However, for all you new players out there, class mods are utility items in Borderlands 2-3 that boost your character's stats and give powerful static bonuses. That said, in this guide, we will explain how to unlock class mods in Borderlands 3.

Unlocking Class Mods In Borderlands 3

How To Unlock Class Mods

To start, in order to unlock class mods, you are going to need to complete The Hostile Takeover quest. After you complete this quest, you will start finding class mods commonly amongst your regular loot drops with varying rarities and stats in Borderlands 3.

Unlocking Class Mods In Borderlands 3

Class mods will also scale to around your current character level, similar to other items such as guns, grenades, and shields. Check the list below for examples of awesome class mods.

  • Stone – Amara
  • Prized Friendly Tr4iner
  • Investing Fleek Sopper
  • Delayed Lucky Conductor

How To Equip Class Mods

You can equip class mods like with any other item: go and find it in your inventory and click equip on it. However, before you can equip class mods, it has to be one that is for your current character and level.

If this is not the case, you can always store them in your item bank for later ,or sell it for some easy cash. Also, If you want to check the stats of a class mod, click examine, and you can see all of the various effects and abilities if you were to equip it.

Overall, class mods offer players a unique way of experimenting to transform their Borderlands 3 characters in new Interesting ways. So get out there and start hunting for these class mods!

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