How To Unlock Every Safe & Locker In Resident Evil 2: Remake

In Resident Evil 2: Remake, resources are scarce - understandably, since this is a survival horror game we're talking about, and running low on ammo and healing items is the best way to heighten the tension - but you can still hit a few jackpots if you manage to open the few safes and lockers spread across Raccoon City. We'll show you how.

How Safes and Lockers Work in Resident Evil 2: Remake

Safes and lockers are few and far between in the remake of the classic Resident Evil 2, but they do hold precious resources and sometimes even powerful weapon upgrades that can even the playing field against the BOWs rampaging through the city. However, opening them can be tricky without a guide like this one.

The combination is always hinted at in the surroundings of the safe or locker with clues, but these may be hard to find, and if there are enemies nearby you might expend more ammo and healing items to find the clues than what you'll get out of the safe!

Even though there is a Zombie Apocalypse going on, Leon will have the common courtesy of not just bashing this thing off.

Some of the safes are opened with a rotary lock. Here, you need to pay attention to how many times you rotate the dial in either given direction for the combination to be accepted. You'll also encounter portable safes, which differ playthrough to playthrough!

With this guide you can crack open all of these locked containers, stress free!

Resident Evil 2: Remake Safe & Locker Codes

Leon's Desk

Found under the protagonist's desk in RCPD's West Office is a safe protected by not one but two locks. Why it needs two, and why Leon doesn't know the combination to his own safe is beyond us, but hey, video games got to video game. The combinations in both cases consist of 3 characters that were the first letters of Leon's colleagues.

The first lock is opened with the combination MRG from Marvin, Rita and George. In all the commotion, one of the name plates for the second set has been misplaced, but we can find nameplates for Elliot and David. The game expects you to guess the first letter, but we're here to tell you the combination is NED with N standing for... well, that's never actually revealed! We're going with Nebuchadnezzar.

This safe hides an Extended Magazine for Leon's Pistol, or a Speed Reloarder for Claire's Revolver.

RCPD 2nd Floor Locker

You'll find this locker in the shower room on the second floor of the precinct. The combination for this is CAP and you'll find randomized ammo inside.

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RCPD 3rd Floor Locker

This locker is right by the stairs as you get onto the 3rd floor, and also contain randomized ammo. The combination to open it is DCM.

Sewer Locker

This locker is found in the control room in the Raccoon City sewers, and the combination is SZF. Once again, you'll find random ammo inside.

1st Floor Safe

This safe is located on the first floor in the West Office, and rewards players with a Hip Pouch when opened. The combination is left 9, right 15, left 7.

2nd Floor Safe

You need to go to the Waiting Room in the East Wing to find this safe, and unlocking it will give Leon a Muzzle Break and Claire and Extended Mag. The combination is left 6, right 2, left 11.

Treatment Pool Safe

This one is pretty easy to locate once you're in the Treatment Pool area. You'll find a Hip Pouch for Claire and a Shotgun Upgrade for Leon inside. The combination is left 2, right 12, left 8.

Portable Safes

These work a little bit differently from the others. There isn't a set combination for them, but rather they're randomized each time you come across them. The portable safe is found in different places during Playthrough A and Playthrough B. First, let's look at the locations and then how to open them.

No actual law enforcement agency would rely on locks that children could outsmart, but video games!

Portable Safe Locations

First location set: In the first variation, you can find the first portable safe in the 2nd Floor Shower room, near the safe we covered above. The second one will be in the Linen Room on the same floor.

Second location set: This time around you'll find one of these safes in the Interrogation Room on the 1st Floor, while the location of the second remains unchanged.

Opening Portable Safes

With the Portable Safes, cracking them open is more of a puzzle and less of an environmental challenge or based on guess work. You are presented with a small circle of 8 green lights, and 8 buttons below. Each button is assigned randomly to one of the lights, and your task is to illuminate the circle in a counter-clockwise order.

Pick any button you want, since it is irrelevant where you start from. Once you have illuminated one of the lights, you need to activate the one next to it counter-clockwise, and then the one next to that, and so forth. At first it's all about experimentation, try which button activates which light and go from there.

What is in the Portable Safes?

If you've successfully opened the safe, the adventure doesn't end quite yet - inside is a key instead of loot. These replacement keys open up the Safety Deposit room on the 1st floor of RCPD. You need both to access the room, where you'll get much needed resources as well as a Hip Pouch!

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