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Unique & Legendary Weapons In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla And Where To Find Them

Excalibur (King Arthur's Sword)

The legendary sword of King Arthur, Excalibur, is one of the most time-consuming legendary weapons to get in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. This legendary sword has a distinct perk where you blind all the enemies around you upon successfully landing a heavy finisher or critical. This weapon is excellent for warrior builds who rely on charging the enemies head-on.

Excalibur Showcase 1

Excalibur Showcase 2

Excalibur Showcase 3

Excalibur Showcase 4

Getting the legendary Excalibur is a bit of a grind. To get hold of the Excalibur, you must find a total of 11 mysterious tablets spread around the vast land of England. While some are found within caverns, others are closely guarded by the Zealots in the Order of the Ancients (or as we know them today - The Templars). These tablets are called the Treasures of Britain.

This greatsword is categorized as one of the 'end-game' weapons due to the sheer amount of time it takes to obtain it, and the high power level. You can obtain the tablets inside the caverns, even at around power level 220+, as the majority of these caverns are not guarded. All you need to do is clear the puzzles and pathways to reach the tablets.

The Zealots, on the other hand, are a different story. You must be closer to at least power level 300 to be able to take on the Zealots, or else you will surely feel like you are playing Dark Souls (Yes, you will die instantly if your power level is low!).

There are 11 tablets in total, and these tablets are spread around different regions of England. The following are the locations of all the tablets in each region:

East Anglia

Grime's Grave - Mysterious Hilt Tablet

There is only one tablet in all of East Anglia called the Mysterious Hilt Tablet. You can find the Mysterious Hilt Tablet inside Grime's Grave, located along the western border of East Anglia south of Brisleah Farm.

Grime's Grave location on the map

Grime's Grave Entrance

There will be a huge dive into the cave. To get inside the cave, you must jump and reach the bottom of the hole.

Diving into the cave

Once at the bottom, continue to move forward into the cave. You may go left or right for extra loot, but if you are only interested in the tablet, continue forward through the middle doorway.

Middle Doorway

There will be a linear path from here onwards, filled with obstacles. Parkour across the obstacles until you reached a cursed area. You will get a message that you've entered a cursed place.

Obstacle ahead

Reaching the cursed area

You need to find a source of the curse and destroy it. Continue forward, and you will descend into the cursed area, a large open room with water inside. Look behind the central pillar to find a glowing skull and destroy it. Upon destroying the curse, you will get a message confirming the curse has been destroyed.

Glowing Skull (Source of the Curse)

Curse destroyed

Continue progressing through the cave by taking a set of ladders ahead of you.

Ladders taking you forward into the cave

You need to continue moving through the obstacles in a linear path until you reach the end of the cave.

Obstacles ahead

Parkouring towards the end of the cave

You will notice a table at the end of the cave with an Opal and some red pots. Use your bow and arrow to destroy the pots on the table to reveal the Mysterious Hilt Tablet.

Opal on the table

Shooting the pots on the table

Collecting the Mysterious Hilt Tablet from table

When you successfully collect the tablet, you will get a confirmation message that you've collected a 'Treasure of Britain.'

Treasure of Britain Completed (Notification)

Look to your right, and you will find a moveable shelf. Move it and go through the gap to exit the cave.

Moveable shelf

Narrow gap leading to the exit


Two tablets can be found in Suthesexe - Mysterious Knife Tablet and Mysterious Cauldron Tablet.

Zealot Hrothgar - Mysterious Knife Tablet

You need to eliminate the Zealot named Hrothgar to get this tablet. He is found in the southern section of Suthsexe. The location shown in the map below isn't exact because the Zealot is wandering in the southern part of Suthsexe and can be anywhere around the area. You just need to be somewhere near the shown location or area, and the Zealot icon will show up on the map indicating the location clearly.

Zealot Hrothgar location on the map

Zealot Hrothgar identified

You must kill the Zealot to obtain the tablet from him.

Fighting Zealot Hrothgar

Zealot Hrothgar Eliminated

Mysterious Knife Tablet Acquired

Mysterious Knife Tablet in the Inventory Menu

Santlache Mine - Mysterious Cauldron Tablet

The tablet can be found inside the Santlache Mine located on the southeastern border of Suthsexe, east of Crawleah.

Santlache Mine location on the map

Santlache Mine Main Entrance Hub

Enter the mine via the elevated ramp on the right and continue moving forward through the middle doorway.

Entrance to the mine

Doorway in the middle

You will immediately turn right, and you will see a destroyable wall or obstruction with an oil jar placed next to it conveniently. Shoot the oil jar to cause an explosion and blast open the doorway.

Destroyable Obstruction

Shooting the oil jar

Once opened, continue moving forward through the new path and parkour your way ahead.

New pathway opened after the obstruction is destroyed

Parkouring ahead

You will eventually run into a dead end. But, there will be a small hole at the bottom of the wall to your left just before the dead end. Go through it and continue moving forward.

Small hole at the base of the wooden wall

You will eventually enter a room with a moveable shelf and a ladder in the middle of the room. You won't be able to reach the ladder. Move the shelf next to the ladder and use it to reach the ladder and climb up.

Moving the shelf near the ladder

Climbing up the ladder

Continue using your parkour skills to move forward until you reach another set of locked ladders. Use your bow and arrow to unlock the ladder and extend it.

Parkouring forward into the mine

Shooting the locked ladder

Climb the ladder and continue moving forward until you see another wooden wall with a hole at the base. Slide through the hole.

Climbing up the locked ladder

Wooden wall with a hole at the bottom

As you move forward, you will eventually end up in an open area with a zipline. Use the zipline to cross a huge gap.

Running towards the open room with a zipline

Ziplining across

Once you're across, you will see another obstruction ahead of you that can be destroyed.

Destroyable Obstruction

You can either use your Incendiary Powder Trap ability or grab the oil jar to your left.

Oil jar in the room

Place the oil jar next to the obstruction and use your bow and arrow to destroy it.

Shooting the oil jar

Obstruction removed

Go through, and you will eventually come across another gap that you can slide through. Slide through it and descend deeper into the cave.

Gap at the bottom of the wall

Descending deeper into the cave

You will end up in a room with a turbine and a platform beside it.

Turbine room

Turbine platform

Dive underwater and swim in a linear path until you come across a wooden board blocking your path.

Swimming underwater

Wooden Blockage

Break the board by attacking it, and continue to swim forward until you come out of the other side.

Swimming ahead after clearing the blockage

Coming to the surface after a long swim

Move forward a bit, and you will notice a large circular room with a central stone structure surrounded by a waterfall. And there will be a Mysterious Cauldron Tablet resting in the middle of the structure.

Mysterious Cauldron Tablet

Mysterious Cauldron Tablet collected


There are two mysterious tablets in Cent - Mysterious Halter Tablet. and Mysterious Chessboard Tablet.

Zealot Woden - Mysterious Halter Tablet

The Mysterious Halter Tablet is obtained by killing a powerful Zealot called Woden.

Zealot Woden (defeated)

You can find Zealot Woden roaming the land west of Beamasfield near the main road.

Zealot Woden location on the map

Area where you can potentially find the Zealot Woden

Note that just like the previous Zealot Hrothgar, you will get an icon show up on your map once you are in the vicinity of the shown location. Unfortunately, we had already killed the Zealot sometime during our ventures and couldn't get the image of the Zealot.

Eliminate the Zealot Woden to obtain the Mysterious Halter Tablet.

Mysterious Halter Tablet in the inventory menu

Cavern of Trials - Mysterious Chessboard Tablet

This is one of the most confusing and intimidating caverns when you first enter it. But, it only seems that way. In reality, all you have to do is collect the keys in all the different rooms located inside and progress deeper into the cavern.

You need to make your way to the Cavern of Trials located near the eastern shore of Cent. There will be a regular abandoned house with a secret entrance inside that leads to the Cavern of Trials.

Cavern of Trials location on the map

The house with the secret entrance to the cavern of trials

Go inside the house and turn right to find a hole in the floor that will lead you to the Cavern of Trials.

Entrance to the cavern from inside the house

Once underground, move forward until you come across some points blocking a small hole at the base of the wall. Destroy the pots and slide through the gap.

Pots blocking the secret gap

Gap revealed after destroying the pots

Go through the hole and descend deeper into the cavern. You will come across a small jump with a hanging key called 'The Key of Courage' and a locked door across.

Descending deeper into the cavern

Hanging key with a locked door across

Jump across and collect the hanging key as you are jumping. Use this key to unlock the door ahead of you, and you will enter yet another open area, the central hub of the cavern.

Door unlocked using the key

Central hub of the cavern

Jump down into the opening that you see in the image above and continue to reach an open room with another hanging key called the 'Key of Balance' and some stalagmites that you can climb and jump across.

Stalagmites in the open room

Hanging key in the open room above the stalagmites

Continue climbing up, and you will eventually reach an overhanging rope.

Hanging by the rope

Climb up on the rope and face towards the hanging key. Jump towards the key and collect it as soon as you are near the key.

Facing the hanging key from the rope

Jumping on the rock while collecting the hanging key (Key of Balance)

Go back to the central hub by exiting this area via the same way you came in from. Turn left, and you will see another pathway leading to a second room. Continue down the path, and you will reach a room with a hanging wooden board.

Jumping across hanging wooden board

Continue moving forward as it is a linear path, and slide across a small gap in the wall, after which you will reach another open area with a hanging key called the 'Key of Agility.'

Sliding through the gap in the wall

Reached the room with the 'Key of Agility'

It is fairly simple to get this key, just slide forward, jump across straight ahead and collect the 'Key of Agility.'

Continue moving forward in this room, and to the right, you will find a moveable rock blocking an exit.

Moveable rock blocking the exit

Move the rock, and you will reveal an exit to another area that sort of looks like another central hub.

Exit behind the moveable rock

Going through the narrow gap behind the moveable rock

In this new area, you will find yet another pathway leading to a new room with another hanging key called 'Key of Dexterity.'

New room with the 'Key of Dexterity'

Head inside, and you will find a hanging load, shoot the weight to clear the path ahead of you.

Shooting the hanging load

Cleared path after shooting down the hanging load

Following the path ahead, you will find another hanging load. Shoot it as well and continue moving forward.

Shooting the second hanging load

Continuing down the path

You will reach a dead end with a ladder to your left. You can unlock this ladder to extend its reach by shooting its lock. Use your eagle vision to highlight the lock in red if you cannot see it properly in the cave.

Shooting the lock to extend the ladder

Climb up the ladder, and you will be up on the central wooden platform of this room. You will also notice a hanging key (Key of Dexterity) in front of you that you can collect by jumping across from over the hanging rope connected to the wooden platform.

Climbing the ladders to the wooden platform

On the rope connected to the wooden platform facing the 'Key of Dexterity'

After collecting the key, you will loop back around to the entrance of this room. Exit via the same route you came in and descend to the central hub's very bottom level.

You will find a locked door at the bottom of the hub that can be unlocked since we've already collected all three required keys.

Locked door at the bottom

Unlock this door, and there will be another one right after the first one; use your second key to unlock it.

Second locked door

Unlocking the second door will lead you to a room with a loot chest containing some nickel ingots.

Loot chest inside the room

You will find another locked door that can be unlocked to your left using your third and final key.

Third locked door

Unlock and go through the door, following the path until you reach a dead end with a moveable rock.

Following the path after the third locked door

Dead end with a moveable rock

Push the moveable rock against the dead-end (stalagmites) and climb on top of it. Now, you can jump across to the other side.

On top of the moveable rock

Jumped on top of the moveable rock on the other side

Move the rock on the other side to another dead end at the end of the path. When it is against the dead-end, jump on top of it and continue moving forward by jumping across to the other side.

Moveable rock dragged to make way

Jumped on top of the moveable rock to jump across

Continue to do the same until you're at the base of a set of stairs. You will only do this three times.

Base of stairs seen from the top of the moveable rock

Go to the top of the stairs, and you will find the Mysterious Chessboard Tablet and a hanging key above it, called the 'Key of Wit.'

The Mysterious Chessboard Tablet and the Key of Wit

Collect the tablet and the key. Use the key to open the locked door ahead and continue to exit the Cavern of Trials.

Last locked door leading out of the Cavern of Trials


You can find two tablets in Essexe - The Mysterious Chariot Tablet and the Mysterious Horn Tablet.

Zealot Heike - Mysterious Chariot Tablet

The Mysterious Chariot Tablet is acquired by killing a Zealot named Heike found just southwest of Colcestre in Essexe. The Zealot is going to be roaming the central part of Essexe. Whenever you are in the general vicinity marked below, you will get a Zealot icon on your map, so don't stress too much about the Zealots. They always eventually show up on the map.

Zealot Heike location on the map

The Zealot will be roaming around on the main pathway

After defeating the Zealot, loot his body to acquire the Mysterious Chariot Tablet.

Zealot Heike as seen in the defeated Order of eh Ancients' Menu

The Mysterious Chariot Tablet in the inventory menu

Old Cellar - Mysterious Horn Tablet

The Mysterious Horn Tablet is found in an Old Cellar located in Essexe. The Old Cellar is southeast of Colcestre.

Old Cellar location on the map

Old Cellar location on the map (zoomed out)

Old Cellar cave entrance

Enter the cave and continue to parkour your way through the caver. It is a linear path without any left or right branches. There are no intersections, so it'll be easy to get to the end.

Entering the cave

Parkour pathway

You will also find a lot of iron ores on your way to the Old Cellar.

Iron Ores found inside the cave leading to the Old Cellar

Keep moving forward, and you will find a ledge to your right to continue ahead. Go through the ledge and go through a narrow gap in the wall ahead of you.

White ledge on the wall to the right

Going through the narrow gap

Then you will come across a small hole at the bottom of a wall. Slide through it, and you will reach the Old Cellar.

Sliding through the small hole

Reached the Old Cellar

Continue ahead and climb up the stairs to reach a wine cellar with a lot of wine stored in huge barrels. The tablet will be in the middle of the room underground. But, you won't be able to reach it just yet.

Wine cellar main storage room

Use your eagle vision to highlight the barrels and their weak points in red color. You need to shoot 8-9 barrels in their weak spot to leak the wine.

Shooting the wine barrel

Keep shooting until Eivor says that "The wine has filled the shaft, bearing my prize with it. I should be able to reach it now."

Eivor's confirmation dialogue

Go back to the middle of the room, and you will notice that his time, you will be able to pick up the Mysterious Horn Tablet.

Prompt to collect the tablet

Once you've collected the tablet, you will proceed towards the barred door ahead of you and exit the Old Cellar. You can either shoot the lock or melee it to open the door.

Mysterious Horn Tablet collected

Barred door leading towards the exit


You can find only one mysterious tablet in Snotinghamscire called the Mysterious Whetstone Tablet.

Deoraby Spar Cavern - Mysterious Whetstone Tablet

The Mysterious Whetstone Tablet is found inside the Deoraby Spar Cavern located along the northernmost border of Snotinghamscire and Eurviscire. The Cavern is slightly northeast of Hemthorpe.

Deoraby Spar Cavern location on the map

Deoraby Spar Cavern Entrance

When you enter the cave for the first time, you will notice a blueish tint all over the rocks, and it might look like it is a dead end.

Bluish tint seen on the rocks of the cavern

Climb up on the rock in front of you and turn around to find a ledge that you can climb to continue forward. It's a bit tricky to find if you don't know where to look for it.

Ledge leading deeper into the cavern

There will be a narrow gap in the wall. Squeeze through it, and you will enter a room with some loot and a key to a door in the same room.

Squeezing through the narrow gap

Loot and a key at the base of the statue

Turn right, and you will find a locked door.

Locked door to the right

Use the key that you collected to unlock it and go through it.

Unlocking the door using the key

Once through the door, you will reach an open area with a huge hole in the middle of the room.

Room with a big hole in the middle

Go left and climb up the statue. Go across to the other side and jump down.

Jumping across the huge hole at the bottom

Continue parkouring across the ridge

Jump on the statue ahead of you and jump across to the loot chest.

The statue you need to jump on after reaching the end of the ridge

Loot chest seen from distance. That is where you need to jump

Once on the ground, continue parkouring through the fallen statue and across. You will come across another doorway with a small set of stairs leading inside a room.

Fallen statue

Doorway leading to another room

Head inside the room, and you will find a Mysterious Whetstone Tablet on a pedestal at the end of the room.

Mysterious Whetstone Tablet resting on a pedestal

Collect the tablet, and you will get a notification that you've successfully collected the 'Treasure of Britain.'

Prompt to collect the tablet

Treasure of Britain quest completed


You can find only one tablet in Eurviscire called the Mysterious Crock and Dish Tablet.

Wiccan's Cave - Mysterious Crock and Dish Tablet

The Mysterious Crock and Dish Tablet is found inside Wiccan's Cave, located west of Jorvik in Eurviscire. The cave is directly north of Elmet Monastery.

Wiccan's Cave location on the map

Wiccan's Cave Entrance

When you enter the cave, there will be a ridge on the wall to your right you can climb up and parkour across the right wall.

Climbable ridge on the wall to your right

Parkouring across deeper into the Wiccan's Cave

Keep moving forward in a straight path until you come across a room with a big tree in the middle of the room.

Progressing through the cave

Room with a big tree

Jump down, and climb the tree branches to move forward into the cave. There will be a path in front of you that you can jump on from the tree branch.

On the tree branch

The path ahead of the branch

Continue following the path ahead until you reach a narrow gap in the wall. Squeeze through the gap to reach a "ritual" room.

Narrow gap leading to the "ritual" room

Ritual Room

At this point, any normal person would continue moving forward, taking the obvious path to the left. But, it is wrong. Go right, and you will notice an ice wall. Destroy it to reveal a secret passage. You can destroy it using your bow and arrow.

Shooting the ice wall

Secret room beyond the ice wall

You will find a door in the middle and two pathways in this secret area - one to the right and the other to the left.

Door in the middle of the room

Go right through the wooden door, and you will find a number of Roosters.

Wooden door to the right

Roosters through the wooden door

There will be some wooden crates and a wooden board blocking up a view of the room to your left, which is accessed via the middle door in the central room.

Wooden Board and Wooden Crates Blocking The View

Break the crates and the board, but be careful as it will aggravate the Roosters, and they all will attack you as a group.

Aggressive roosters attacking Eivor

There will be a metal railing beyond the wooden board, but you can shoot the oil jar across the room to destroy the obstruction, accessible through the room to the left.

Shooting the oil jar inside the middle room

Go back to the central room, and go left. You will find two boars here. Kill them.

Boar inside the room to the left

Look to your right, and you will find the railing, which previously had an obstruction blocking the view, destroyed. You will now have a better angle of the barred door. Use your bow and arrow to shoot open the door.

Shooting the barred door to unlock it.

Now, you may return to the central room and access the middle door. It will be unlocked at this point.

Prompt to open the door in the middle of the room

Go inside the room, and you will find the tablet on the floor.

The Mysterious Crock and Dish Tablet

Mysterious Crock and Dish Tablet collected

Now, you may go left from the "ritual" room to exit the cavern.


You can find two mysterious tablets in Hamtunscire - Mysterious Mantle Tablet and Mysterious Coat Tablet.

Red Lichen Cavern - Mysterious Mantle Tablet

Mysterious Mantle Tablet is obtained by exploring the Red Lichen Cavern located just east of Wincestre in the Hamtunscire region.

Red Lichen Cavern location on the map

Red Lichen Cavern Entrance

Enter the cave and continue moving forward until you come across a small hole you can slide through.

Small hole in the wall

Squeezing through the hole hole in the wall

The whole pathway, like most of the caverns, is linear. Keep moving forward until you turn right and jump on the suspended wooden platform to jump across the large pit.

Going up towards the suspended platform

Suspended platform used to cross the pit

Keep parkouring across until you jump on a branch/root coming out of the rock.

On the root/branch coming out of the rock

Continue to jump across on the ledge and keep moving right across the stalagmites. Once you've crossed the stalagmites, jump down to the tunnel ahead of you.

Grabbing the ledge ahead

Dropped to the safety of the tunnel ahead after crossing the stalagmites.

Moving forward, you will find a lot of green poisonous gas. You can get rid of the gas by throwing a torch and quickly going across the affected area as the gas regenerates shortly after.

Poisonous gas ahead of Eivor

Gas destroyed by throwing the torch in the gas

Continue going deeper into the cave, and you will come across a spiral path up to the ledge that you can grab and shimmy across. But, before jumping over to the vault, throw another torch at the poisonous gas to clear your path.

Clearing the poisonous gas at the top of the spiral pathway

Moving right by grabbing the ledge in front of the spiral top

Continue moving forward by clearing the poisonous gas ahead of you until you reach another big open room filled with poisonous gas all around.

Linear path to the open area with poisonous gas

Big open room filled with poisonous gas

Clear the gas ahead of you by throwing a torch in it, and jump across using the ledge to your right.

Clearing the gas at the bottom of the big room

Ledge on the right side of the room

Using the ledge to get to the other side where the tablet is resting

When you reach the end of the ledge, clear the gas below you by throwing another torch as the tablet is surrounded by poisonous gas.

Tablet surrounded by poisonous gas

Clearing the poisonous gas using the torch

Mysterious Mantle Tablet

Continue moving forward to exit the cavern.

Wocig - Mysterious Coat Tablet

Mysterious Coat Tablet is found inside Wocig cave located near the western section of Hamtunscire, slightly northwest of Chepeham.

Wocig location on the map

Wocig Cave Entrance

Continue inside the cave, and you will find a small dock with a boat docked on it.

Moving deeper into the cave to the dock

The docked boat

Hop on the boat and drive the boat, following the path to your left. Continue to drive forward until you hit a dead-end.

Eivor takes command of the boat

Hitting the dead-end in the Wocig Cavern (boat route)

Leave the boat, and look to your right to find some shackles/handles on the wall. Climb up using the handles and continue to the next area.

Wall with the shackles/handles

Use the ledges and ridges to continue moving up in a clockwise direction until you reach the top of the cavern.

Ledges leading further into the cave

Reaching the top of the cavern using the ledges

Once you're at the top, you will be at the entrance of a pitch dark room filled with spilled oil all over. there will also be a lot of oil jars. Be careful not to use your torch here, or else you can easily get burned.

Room with oil jars and spilled oil

There is another room to your left, but for now, continue forward and reach the end of the room. Look through the railing, and shoot the oil jars on the left side of the room by a destroyable obstruction at the bottom of the wall.

Shooting the oil jar to clear the obstruction

Once destroyed, quickly run back outside as the fire will engulf this whole area thanks to the spilled oil. Wait for the fire to settle down, and then head inside the room to the left. You can now slide through the small hole at the bottom of the hall located at the end of this room.

The small hole at the bottom of the wall

Slide through to enter the room with the Mysterious Coat Tablet resting on a pedestal.

Mysterious Coat Tablet

Wielding The Excalibur

After collecting all 11 tablets, you are now finally ready to acquire the legendary Excalibur.

All 11 Mysterious Tablets in The Inventory Menu

The legendary greatsword is resting in Myrddin's Cave, located in Hamtunscire.

Myrddin's Cave location on the map

Myrddin's Cave Entrance

Enter the cave and keep moving forward by parkouring across the linear path.

Sliding down the linear path deeper into the cave

Jumping across to the ledge

After a bit, you will come across a huge fall that you can dive into.

Path leading to the fall

Leap of faith into the water

Dive deep underwater, and you will find a small gap taking you to the other side of the entrance.

Underwater pathway

Swimming to the other side

Swim up to the surface and continue to move forward.

Swimming up to the surface

Back to the surface

As you move forward, you will start to realize that the architecture is Isu architecture. The design and style of the interior resemble that of the Isu design.

Entrance to the open area with the sword

Continue moving forward to a large open area. The sword is in the center of this large open room.

Large Open Room

Use the pillars to the right to jump across to the center of the room where the sword resides.

The pillars on the right side

Running across the pillars to reach the center

You will reach the center, where you will find 12 pillars standing tall in a circle.

12 Pillars In Circle

One of the pillars will already have a mysterious tablet inside it.

One of the pillar having the mysterious tablet in it

You will find the Excalibur sword in the middle, you will be able to interact with it, but you won't be able to take it out until you insert all the mysterious tablets.

Prompt to 'Pull Sword'

Not able to pull the sword out (since the tablets are not inserted in the rest of the pillars)

Insert the tablets in all the remaining pillars. You do not have to worry about which tablet goes into which pillar. Approach the pillars, and you will get a prompt to insert the tablet. Eivor will automatically insert the mysterious tablet to its corresponding pillar.

Eivor inserting the tablet in the pillar

Once you've inserted all the mysterious tablets, the pillars will light up.

All the pillars lit up

The Excalibur sword in the middle will also light up with a beam shining down on it.

Beam shining down on the Excalibur sword

Now, you will be able to pull the sword out.

You will be prompted to pull the sword

Eivor pulls the Excalibur sword

The following are the stats and perks of the legendary Excalibur.

Excalibur Greatsword Stats

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