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Unique & Legendary Weapons In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla And Where To Find Them

Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

Now, we're getting to the legendary weapons that are slightly difficult to acquire and Mjolnir is one of them. Mjolnir complements Thor's armor set bonus perks very well, as this hammer has a chance of stunning the surrounding enemies on every hit. It also has an electric glow surrounding it.

Mjolnir Showcase 1

Mjolnir Showcase 2

Mjolnir Showcase 3

Mjolnir Showcase 4

This hammer is considered one of the 'end-game' weapons that you can acquire. If you're looking to wield this legendary weapon, you must have collected the full Thor's armor set first. If you do not have the armor, you won't be able to pick up Thor's hammer.

Complete Thor's Armor Set

We have a complete in-depth guide on how you can acquire Thor's complete set on our top 5 armor sets guide. Feel free to check it out, collect the armor pieces, and then return to this guide to know the location of Mjolnir.

Assuming you've already acquired Thor's complete armor set, let's move towards the hammer itself. Conveniently enough, Thor's hammer is also found in Hordafylke in the northern part of Norway. It is in a large crater shown in the map below.

Hordafylke - Mjolnir location on the map

Exact location of Mjolnir on the map

Large crater with the hammer stuck into the ground at the end of it

When you approach the hammer, you will hear thunder and lightning in the sky. After all, it's Thor's hammer. Make sure you've equipped your Thor's armor set and proceed to pick up the hammer.

Mjolnir stuck into the ground

Mjolnir close up

When you are close enough, you will get a prompt to pick it up. Once you pick it, you will get a cool animation of Eivor picking up the hammer.

Eivor picks up the hammer

Lightning striking the hammer

Following are the hammer stats:

Mjolnir Weapon Stats

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