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Unique & Legendary Weapons In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla And Where To Find Them

Gungnir (Odin's Spear)

The famous spear of Odin himself can be found in the game as well. This comes under the mythical Isu weapon, which the "ones who came before" created. To obtain this weapon, you must first complete the game's main story, including all the story arcs in England. This weapon is suitable for those looking to have aggressive combat but at a slight distance.

Gungnir Showcase 1

Gungnir Showcase 2

Gungnir has a unique force field around it that extends upon melee, giving you an added advantage of extended reach. It also glows with an aura whether you've sheathed the weapon or wielding it actively.

Gungnir Showcase 3

Gungnir Showcase 4

After completing all the story arcs in England, Sigurd will ask you to return to Norway with him. He will take you to a place called Hordafylke, located in the northernmost part of Norway.

When you reach the location, you will soon start the main story quest called "A Brother's Keeper." You can either choose to complete this quest and return to this same location for the spear, or you can go to the spear without finishing the quest.

After finishing the "A Quiet Homecoming" main story quest, you will be able to free-roam again, and that is when you get the spear at a later time after finishing the stated quests.

Time to get to the spear. Return to Hordafylke and make your way back to the same cave Sigurd took you. The name of the cave is Goinnhellir.

Hordafylke - Northernmost section of Norway

Goinnhellir Cave location on the map

Keep climbing up the cliff until you reach an intersection. Turn left from the intersection to reach an open area with a frozen pond and the cave entrance. Be careful around here as the area is crawling with polar bears.

Climbing up the steep cliff

Goinnhellir Cave Entrance

Once inside the cave, keep progressing forward until you reach an ice wall.

Entering Goinnhellir

Ice Wall inside Goinnhellir

You can break this wall either using your bow and arrow or by using your weapons.

Breaking the ice wall reveals a path

Keep moving forward until you reach an intersection. Turn left, and you will find a narrow gap that you can go through.

Intersection inside cave

Narrow gap

Squeeze through the narrow gap, and you will find the spear etched in a wall.

Squeezing through the narrow gap

Gungnir etched into the wall

Climb the platform to your right leading up to the spear, and you will get a prompt to collect it once close enough.

On the platform next to the spear

Focusing on Gungnir, Odin's spear

Here are the stats of this legendary spear:

Gungnir acquired

Gungnir Weapon Stats

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