Unique & Legendary Weapons In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla And Where To Find Them

This is our in-depth "best weapons" guide for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. We also have similar Abilities and Armor Set guides.

The number of secret and legendary weapons hidden throughout England and Norway in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is countless, you can find some of the most legendary weapons unique and well-known in Norse mythology.

These iconic weapons also hold some of the best stats in the game that can help you tailor your player builds accordingly. If you manage to get some of these weapons early in the game, you will be good to go for the rest of it.

Note that some of these weapons require you to finish the main storyline until they become available. Without further we do, here are some of the most unique and iconic weapons you can find in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Lagertha's Axe

If you are a Viking fan, chances are you know or at least heard of the famous shield-maiden of the Viking era named Lagertha. You can find a legendary Lagertha's Axe in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Despite the weapon holding such an iconic significance, it is fairly simple to get.

Lagertha's Axe Showcase 1
Lagertha's Axe Showcase 2
Lagertha's Axe Showcase 3

You can find Lagertha's Axe in a place called 'Homesteads' located north of Jorvik in Eurvicscire.

Lagertha's Axe location on the map (Homesteads)

When you reach the central section of the Homestead, you will find an obstruction that can be destroyed using explosives.

Destroyable obstruction

You can either use your 'Incendiary Powder Trap' ability to destroy the wall or use a nearby oil jar to place it next to it and cause an explosion by shooting an arrow in it. Feel free to check out our abilities location guide to finding out where you can get the 'Incendiary Powder Trap' ability.

Incendiary Powder Trap - Ability

To get the oil jar, look directly opposite the destroyable obstruction, and you will see a small house.

Small house in front of the destroyable obstruction

Dive into the water next to the house and swim underneath the house to enter the house.

Water next to the house
Diving underwater

When you pass the house wall, you will be inside the house where you can resurface.

Inside the house

You will see an oil jar covered in snow as soon as you jump out of the water.

Oil jar inside the house

On the left side, you will find a moveable shelf blocking a window.

Moveable shelf blocking the window
Moving the shelf to reveal the window

After moving the shelf, pick up the oil jar and exit the house by jumping through the window.

The window behind the shelf

Put the oil jar next to the destroyable obstruction and use your bow and arrow to shoot it.

Shooting the oil jar

This will cause an explosion destroying the obstruction.

Obstruction exploded

Go through, and you will find a loot chest to your left.

Loot chest containing Lagertha's Axe

Loot the chest to get Lagertha's Axe.

Lagertha's Axe acquired

The axe will be a 'flawless' tier axe, but you can upgrade to a mythical level by visiting Gunnar. The following are the stats of a fully upgraded 'flawless' Lagertha's Axe.

Lagertha's Axe Stats

This Dane Axe increases your critical damage when surrounded by three or more enemies, which calls for it to be paired with the Brigandine Armor that increases your overall melee damage and increases armor when surrounded by multiple enemies.

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