Uncle Howdy has arrived in the WWE

A mysterious "Uncle Howdy" recently appeared in the October 28 episode of Friday Night Smackdown to deliver a message to Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt saw his promo on the October 28 episode of WWE Smackdown interrupted by a masked individual known simply as "Uncle Howdy".

Fans are split about the real identity of the masked Uncle Howdy.

As Wyatt closed the show and was welcomed by the rambunctious St. Louis crowd, he went on about how he could get used to appearing just as himself in front of the crowd. Wyatt continued to say that this could be his best self and he'll try his best to do amazing things. However, Wyatt is aware that he's not always in control of his emotions, saying:

My emotions don't work like most other people's. I don't always have control. Sometimes, they can send me to a very dark place. Other times, I just don't feel anything at all... There's a part of me that really likes that I'm willing to do some truly awful things.

After delivering his speech, the screen flashed and showed a QR code before a mysterious masked figure appeared.

Going down the rabbit hole, the QR code takes you to a photo of Wyatt crossed out in red and the word "LIAR" written all over. Furthermore, if you use the end of the WWE website URL as a YouTube video ID, you're taken to the MTV Unplugged version of Nirvana's "The Man Who Sold The World."

Given Wyatt's recent return after much speculation, it doesn't take an expert to tell that this is all part of a new storyline that the WWE is building for the former WWE champion.

Upon further investigation, Wyatt still isn't listed on either the SmackDown or RAW roster. Instead, you'll find Wyatt listed on the WWE Alumni roster on the official WWE website. This should all change as the storyline culminates into something. Until then, fans are busy speculating about the potential identity of Uncle Howdy.

When it comes to creativity (and overall creepiness), Bray Wyatt is right up there among the best of them.

The leading theory is that it's a masked Bray Wyatt. However, some believe that it's a different person that's connected to Wyatt. One of the candidates is Bray's "uncle" and the former NWA World Champion, Barry Windham. Another potential candidate is Wyatt's real-life brother, Bo Dallas. It's been rumored that Mr. NXT is coming back to the WWE to work with his brother Bray on WWE SmackDown.

Ultimately, the WWE has accomplished its goal to send WWE abuzz with Wyatt's return. It's pretty much guaranteed that everyone will keep a close eye on SmackDown and wait for Wyatt's next appearance.

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