Unannounced Silent Hill game receives rating in South Korea

It seems the rumors about a new Silent Hill game are living up to the hype.

The rumors about the new Silent Hill game that started last year have quickly grown rampant over the last few months. The anticipation around Silent Hill games is justified as it is a classic horror game loved by everyone.

Unannounced Silent Hill Game Receives Rating In South Korea

Over the past few months, we've heard rumors about Konami's new Silent Hill game currently in development. Konami tends to keep things well under wraps until big events to announce its future games. In addition to a new Silent Hill game, we've also heard reports of a Silent Hill 2 remake already being worked on.

It has been a little quiet in the realm of Silent Hill, but you should always expect something new when it is the quietest. To everyone's surprise, The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea have rated an unannounced Silent Hill game called Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Following the game's filing in August 2022, it has received a Mature rating in South Korea.
Following the game's filing in August 2022, it has received a Mature rating in South Korea.

In the rating, we don't see any specified platforms. It is still not confirmed whether the game is directly related to Konami's Silent Hill franchise or not, but an interesting thing to note here is that the listed publisher is UNIANA. UNIANA is famous for publishing Konami games in Korea. It is also the same company responsible for publishing Konami's free-to-play eFootball 2023.

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While we do not have any information about the platforms, industry insider DuskGolem recently Tweeted regarding the possible platforms the game will be available on. According to DuskGolem, the game has been rated as Video Game Content that is publishable on PC, consoles, mobile, or arcade. This makes it plausible for the game to be available on PC and all the traditional consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox.

In the past, DuskGolem has also talked about a rumored Konami project codenamed Sakura. According to DuskGolem, the free-to-play demo version of the project features an SMS messaging system, and it relates to the unannounced Silent Hill games' title "Short Message." Possibly, the unannounced project codenamed Sakura was actually the Silent Hill: The Short Message game. In game development, many projects are given codenames before their title is finalized.

With all that being said, everything above is just rumor and speculations, except the new rating that surfaced out of nowhere. But, it is a good day for the Silent Hill fans as the new rating seems to corroborate much of the recent rumors about a new Silent Hill game being in development for some time.

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