Ultimate Outbreak Zombies Tips & Tricks Guide (Cold War Zombies)

Outbreak Zombies mode is a unique experience, differing from the regular round-based mode, and instead offers a new difficulty level. The new open-world game mode has paved a fresh path with endless possibilities for the future of Call of Duty: Zombies.

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To put things into perspective, in regular Zombies, you will start to feel the difficulty rising on round 25+. In Outbreak, you will already start feeling the challenge at around difficulty level 7-8. The new mode features three regions: Ruka, Alpine & Golova, the first two being Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps, while the latter is a new region specific to Outbreak. You complete the main objectives in each region to then either warp to the next region or exfil. Warping to the next region increases your difficulty level by 1.

After playing Outbreak for a few weeks, we have some extremely important tips and tricks that will elevate your gameplay to a whole new level and help you progress further with ease. Here are our best tips and tricks (in no particular order) that will help you survive the new Outbreak Zombies mode effectively.

Best Weapon Loadout

Ever since the introduction of custom class loadouts in Zombies, you can now jump in with your favorite weapons and attachments. It would be best if you modified your weapons to have the maximum possible damage, and then later in-game, you can upgrade the tier of your weapon in combination with Pack-A-Punch, increasing its effectiveness even further.

No matter what Zombies mode you play, the one weapon dominating the current meta is the Hauer 77 shotgun. This weapon does extreme damage, and as you progress through the rounds/difficulty levels, you can upgrade it into a true killing machine.

When it comes to weapon upgrades, it's important to keep track of how much Salvage you have - without Salvage, you cannot upgrade your weapon rarity or armor.

You can choose attachments that can maximize or increase the rate of salvage drop from the zombies. The following is our recommended Hauer 77 loadout for any zombies mode.

The loadout focuses on maximum effective damage and an increased rate of salvage drop.

  • Muzzle: Flash Cone 12 GA
  • Barrel: 25.2" Task Force
  • Body: Ember Sighting Point
  • Magazine: STANAG 8 Rnd Tube
  • Stock: Marathon Pad

The Flash Cone 12 GA muzzle attachment increases your equipment drop rate, and there are no drawbacks associated with this attachment. The 25.2" Task Force barrel attachment is the most important as this increases your overall damage. It sometimes shows the damage increase as +50%, and sometimes it shows +500%. This is seemingly caused by a bug, and regardless of what it shows it significantly increases your weapon damage.

The Ember Sighting Point body attachment increases your salvage drop rate and increases hip-fire accuracy by 30%. You must choose the STANAG 8 Rnd Tube as your magazine attachment as it is not a pretty sight when you are overwhelmed with a horde of hundreds of zombies. You need all the ammo you can get. Finally, the Marathon Pad stock attachment helps with the mobility aspect of your loadout. It helps increase sprinting speed, shooting move speed, sprint to fire time, and aim walking movement speed.

This is especially important when you train up a horde of zombies and shoot them while moving backward - and if you have the Stamin-Up perk, then you can move backward even faster. This should be your ideal Zombies loadout, no matter which game mode or map you're playing.

Complete Side Objectives

As mentioned before, there are primary and side objectives in each region. You can directly go for the main objectives and complete them to either advance to the next region or exfil. However, if you do it like that, you will notice the difficulty level shooting up for you because you didn't prepare for the later rounds.

You can be prepared for the later rounds by utilizing the ease of the early rounds. It is not necessary to directly do the main objectives and move on to the next region. We highly recommend you do all the side objectives in each region you visit until difficulty level 5-6. This will help you set up for the later rounds, upgrade your weapon, and get all the perks.

The following are the side objectives you can do:

  • Locked Golden Loot Chest: If you look at your mini-map, this icon appears to have a lightning bolt with a cloud. When you go to the marked location, a huge lightning bolt strikes down, spawning a golden chest. This chest is locked at first but can be opened by 'confronting the Dark Aether.'

    You can interact with the chest, and doing so will spawn many regular and elite zombies. You must eliminate all the zombies spawned in by the golden loot chest for it to be unlocked. Once you kill the last zombie spawned in by the box, it will unlock.

    You can then open the box to get valuable rewards such as high-tier weapons, salvage, equipment, and even a free random perk. This side mission is a great way to get free perks early in the game. You can do these side missions as early as difficulty level/round 1.

  • Feed The Dragon: To find this side objective, you must look for a dragon's head icon on your map overview. When you go to the marked location, you will find a huge machine with two canisters on either side of the machine.

    You can activate the machine for 500 points, creating a ring of fire around the machine with a dragon's head popping out of the top.

    A number of zombies will spawn all around you in a circle and charge at you. You must kill these zombies within the ring of fire for them to be fed to the dragon. When a regular zombie enters the ring of fire space, they start to glow purple. When they do, you can kill them, and they start floating up to the dragon's head to be devoured by him.

    Once the dragon has been fed enough zombies, the ring of fire disappears, and the dragon machine flies up to the Dark Aether portal, leaving behind a loot chest that you can open for exciting rewards such as high-tier weapons, salvage, equipment, a free random perk, and even a wonder weapon. The rarity of the rewards increases depending on how many zombies you kill - the more you kill, the better the rewards.

  • High-Value Target: This side objective is indicated with a set of three skull icons on the map overview. When you go to the marked location, you will find a bunch of dead soldiers, and one of the dead soldiers will have a radio that you can interact with to play a message.

    Once the recording ends, a beam of blue lightning will shine down at a distance, spawning a bunch of elite zombies.

    You must kill these zombies to complete this side objective. There is high potential for either a free random perk or a wonder weapon drop when you kill one of the elite zombies.

These side objectives are a great way of earning points and getting free perks, equipment, salvage, and potentially a wonder weapon. Although the wonder weapon has a higher probability of dropping at high difficulty levels, you can still get the other goodies early in the game at lower rounds. This helps you save up salvage and points to upgrade your weapon rarity and pack-a-punch, respectively.

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