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Ubisoft showcases The Division Heartland in a developer deep dive

The upcoming third-person survival shooter is set in rural America during the aftermath of the Dollar Flu outbreak.

The upcoming game will feature survival elements not present in the first two games of the series.

The Division Heartlands was announced two years ago. Since then, fans have been waiting to play the extraction shooter. Now, Ubisoft has given fans a better look at the upcoming game.

Extraction shooters have been slowly making their presence felt in a gaming segment once dominated by Battle Royale and Team-based action shooters. Call of Duty’s Warzone DMZ and Escape from Tarkov are two of the more popular titles in the genre today. Ubisoft also has an entry into the genre with The Division Heartland.

The Division launched with a PvPvE area called the Dark Zone, which many consider a pioneer in the extraction shooter genre. The sequel introduced a similar Dark Zone but it didn’t have the same success as the original Dark Zone from The Division.

The Division Heartland was announced in 2021 as an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer extraction shooter similar to the Dark Zone from both The Division titles. The new game is set in rural America, in a small town called Silver Creek. This is a stark contrast to the big cities features in the first two games.

Heartlands is a sandbox PvPvE experience where players can team up to achieve common goals as well as hunt down other players. Agents will also have to survive against AI combatants which makes teaming up a good idea. The game will have a handful of different survival elements like managing virus filters for masks and water to combat dehydration. Players will need to make sure that they have enough supplies to run a full day of exploration within the game area. Loot can be found everywhere and there will be a need for inventory management.

Players can congregate in the shared Base of Operations, allowing them to prep up for missions and socialize. The base is also where players get to manage their loadouts for incursions into the contaminated areas of Silver Creek.

The Division Heartland will have a class system similar to the one in The Division 2. Players can choose between the Weapons Expert, Medic, and Survivalist. Each class will have its own unique ability, and it will be essential for team members to communicate effectively in order to survive the harsh battlefield.  

Players can participate in an upcoming closed beta test for The Division Heartland for PC. Ubisoft also revealed that more information will be shared on the game this summer. The title is being developed by Red Storm Entertainment and will be using the proprietary Snow Drop engine featured in the first two games. 

The Division Heartland does not have a release date yet but will be coming to the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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