Ubisoft reveals Far Cry 6 expansion is coming soon

Video game developer Ubisoft has revealed the release date for Far Cry 6’s new expansion pack.

French video game publisher Ubisoft has announced that an expansion pack for Far Cry 6, Lost Between Worlds, will be unveiled soon.

Far Cry Expansion
Ubisoft announced it will reveal its Far Cry 6 DLC during a Twitch livestream on November 29.

Earlier in the year, Ubisoft announced it will release a Game of the Year edition for the title. The company also stated the edition will feature existing DLCs, an unannounced expansion pack, and the season pass content alongside the base game.

However, its expensive price tag of $119.99 left many people wondering about the expansion pack and why it was so pricey. Since the company has now unveiled Lost Between Worlds, the series’s fans will be hoping it justifies the price.

Ubisoft announced the DLC with a teaser trailer on Twitter. The company said it will reveal the expansion during a live stream on Twitch at 10 am PT on November 29. However, Ubisoft did not reveal any further detail, including whether fans are required to have the original game or whether it will be a standalone experience.

Fortunately for fans of the franchise, there have been some leaks from the forthcoming DLC which provide insight into what to expect. For example, Tom Henderson reported he had viewed some images from the DLC, which suggests it will feature portals to some of the title’s locations. In other words, the expansion will involve elements of a multiverse.

At the moment, Ubisoft hasn’t announced whether the events of the new expansion pack will involve Far Cry 6’s setting or whether it will be something entirely new, like Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon. However, given that the publishing company often attempts to spin the gameplay mechanics in unexpected directions to get fans talking, it is difficult to guess what the publisher will do.

Far Cry Expansion
The expansion pack will be available as part of a Game of the Year Edition with a price tag of $119.99.

Nevertheless, the teaser has a purple, crystalline aesthetic to it which is not present in Yara, the fictional Caribbean Island nation in which Far Cry 6 is set. As a result, many fans have speculated that the game will feature a new setting.

By the way, Ubisoft has been in the news a lot recently. According to reports that go as far back as August, the French video game publisher is working with Marvel to develop a video game based on the vampire hunter character Blade. The company is working on a remake of its 2003 title Prince of Persia, as well as a new Assassin’s Creed title with Netflix.

On top of this, recent reports suggest that the company is finally making a return to the video game distribution platform Steam following a three-year absence.

Far Cry 6 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The title is also available on Amazon Luna and Google Stadia.

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