Ubisoft is remaking the original Splinter Cell

It appears that the earlier rumors were partly true as Ubisoft just confirmed that it is rebooting the Splinter Cell franchise.

It's crazy to think that the first game in Ubisoft's long line of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell titles was released in 2002. This means that the franchise, as a whole, is about to turn 20. Perhaps it's because of this milestone that there's been plenty of speculation about Ubisoft reviving Splinter Cell after 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Ubisoft Remaking Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell is officially coming back, we just don't know when.

Even so, it still comes off as a bit of a shock that the rumors turned out to be true - Ubisoft is making a new Splinter Cell game.

Did Ubisoft just announce the Splinter Cell reboot to save face?

Ubisoft Remaking Splinter Cell
If nothing else, the upcoming Splinter Cell remake should look amazing.

Splinter Cell might not have invented the stealth shooter genre, but Sam Fisher's adventures were a huge reason for its success. Now, nearly two decades to the date that Sam Fisher first burst into the proverbial scene, and Ubisoft confirmed that Ubisoft Toronto is developing a remake of the original game.

To break the news, Ubisoft dropped both a developer interview as well as a YouTube retrospective, the latter of which you can watch below.

After working on Far Cry 6 earlier this year, Ubisoft Toronto will finally get a chance to go back to their debut title. Ubisoft Toronto is the same studio behind 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which Ubisoft described as a "disappointment" after only selling 2 million copies as opposed to their projections of 5 million units. However, despite the game's "mediocre" sales, Blacklist received positive reviews, which is probably why fans had hoped Ubisoft would give Ubisoft Toronto another shot at making a sequel sometime later.

Unfortunately, the sequel isn't a follow-up and later turned out to be a little less than a decade after.

Technical producer Peter Handrinos acknowledged Splinter Cell's absence in the interview, saying that enough time had passed "to miss an entire console generation," and that the studio aims to bring fans "something new, yet still connect them to that feeling that they had two decades ago, playing that masterpiece for the first time."

Ubisoft Remaking Splinter Cell
The original Splinter Cell holds up surprisingly well on the PC.

"Masterpiece" is the right word to describe the original Splinter Cell game; The 2002 title is still widely considered the best game in the series.

Ubisoft declined to give the Splinter Cell remake a launch date or window. However, we're hoping that Ubisoft has a big reveal planned for the franchise next year as the original game (and the entire franchise) celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

In other Ubisoft news, the controversial publisher just broke the hearts of thousands of The Division 2 fans all over the globe after it pushed back the game's upcoming big update for an undetermined amount of months. Meanwhile, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla players have something to celebrate after getting a free DLC and details about the game's upcoming 35-hour expansion, Dawn of Ragnarok.

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