Ubisoft is rebooting the development on the Prince of Persia Remake

This is the nth time that we've heard that Ubisoft has restarted the development on the long-gestating remake.

Video games are getting more expensive to develop and make. But, the guarantee of a payoff only happens when a game is good. Perhaps knowing that its product on hand still isn't good enough to recoup the costs, Ubisoft wants to reboot the development of the Prince of Persia remake - again.

Ubisoft sure must wish that it could turn back time so that it can restart the development on the Prince of Persia Remake as many time as it would like.

Ubisoft confirmed its remake of what's considered the predecessor to the Assassin's Creed franchise, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, many years ago. But, since then, Ubisoft hasn't had much to show for it.

The last we heard, Ubisoft Montreal had taken over as the lead studio despite Ubisoft already having a product that was enough to go gold before canceling the pre-orders.

Now, according to a newly added section to the developer Q&A and a FAQ posted on May 24, Wednesday, the remake of The Sands of Time is "currently in the conceptive phase."

As if knowing that audiences would catch wind of this update, Ubisoft noted via the official Prince of Persia account on Twitter that the game is still "very much alive" and is, once again, in an "early stage" of its development cycle.

At this point, Ubisoft might as well give up on the remake for the meantime and move on to something that could bring in money to the company.

A few years ago, there was excitement when Ubisoft announced the remake. The original game was a huge hit with fans loving the action, puzzles, and story. A remake was something that most had been hoping for if only to enjoy the game with modern niceties. The news of yet another delay is a massive blow to hopeful fans.

Ubisoft doesn't have a new date for the game's release but it did promise to keep fans in the loop on its progress.

But, hey, at least we're getting sand in a new Ubisoft game soon. Assassin's Creed Mirage is coming out in October, as per the latest listings.

Ray Ampoloquio
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