Ubisoft Plus is now officially on Xbox platforms

Ubisoft+'s arrival on Xbox platforms comes after a year after the French publisher confirmed that it was coming.

The great thing about Ubisoft+ is that the games come with all the post-launch content, including expansions and season passes.

The Game Pass is already the best and most-subscribed video game subscription service in the world. But, for some reason, Ubisoft and Microsoft have brought Ubisoft+ on the Xbox Series and X as well as the Xbox One.

After an official confirmation and several rumors, Ubisoft+ is now on Microsoft's gaming platforms, and gamers don't know what to make of it.

According to the reveal, Ubisoft Plus is finally out on the Xbox for $17.99 a month. For the price, you'll get access to more than 60 Ubisoft games, which is short of the 100+ selection of games on the PC.

The $17.99 a month subscription is exclusive to what Ubisoft is calling the "Multi-Access" tier. This means that if you're now subscribed to the normal Ubisoft+ subscription on the PC for $12.99 a month, you'll need to pay an extra $5 to access a thinner library on the Xbox.

To make matters worse, several Ubisoft titles are already on the Xbox Game Pass.

Given how many expansions Ubisoft tends to release for its games, there's some value to be had for the Ubisoft+ on the Xbox.

Still, if you want to play Ubisoft titles on the PC, Xbox, and Amazon's Luna cloud gaming service, there's some value to be had here. But, still, most expected Microsoft and Xbox to partner up to bundle Ubisoft+ together with Game Pass Ultimate and/or PC Game Pass, much like with EA and its basic EA Play subscription.

It's unclear if Ubisoft+ is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The Ubisoft Classics lineup of games is currently available as part of the PS Plus Extra tier.

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