Ubisoft Plus might be coming to Game Pass next

Earlier this year, Ubisoft confirmed that Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox consoles.

The Xbox Series S/X might be Microsoft's flagship console, but the Game Pass is its cash cow. After already investing hundreds of millions to secure big games on their launch dates, in turn securing big for the popular video game subscription service, the tech giant is looking to spend even more.

We're curious to find out just how much Microsoft paid to bring Ubisoft+ to the Game Pass if this is true.
We're curious to find out just how much Microsoft paid to bring Ubisoft+ to the Game Pass if this is true.

According to eagle-eyed observers, Ubisoft Netherlands just "confirmed" that Ubisoft+ is coming to the Xbox Game Pass.

Ubisoft Plus is a premium subscription service that's not unlike EA Play. The latter already comes bundled with the Game Pass, so it's not exactly the first time that Microsoft has roped in a different offering along with the Game Pass. Not to mention, we've seen more Ubisoft games make their way to the Game Pass in recent months such as Rainbow Six Extraction.

Ubisoft Netherlands says ubisoft+ will be on gamepass soon!! from XboxSeriesX

What's interesting here is that news of this particular move comes shortly after Playstation announced the rebranded PS Plus. It looks like Microsoft isn't about to let PlayStation steal all of its thunder. However, absent an official confirmation, we can't exactly say for sure that the Game Pass will get better. There is a chance that this is all a misunderstanding and that Ubisoft Netherlands meant something entirely different with its reply. Not to mention, things can sometimes get lost in translation.

Having said that, we should find out more about Ubisoft+'s arrival on Xbox consoles soon.

Speaking of Ubisoft, while its subscription service is coming to the Xbox, it's not planned for the PlayStation anytime soon. Also, Ubisoft will hold a massive video game showcase later this year. We should hear more about Ubisoft Plus by then or at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June, whichever comes first. Finally, Ubisoft confirmed that it's working on a Fortnite-inspired shooter, Project Q.

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