Ubisoft is reportedly working on a new Ghost Recon game after dropping support for Breakpoint

Rumors of a new mainline Ghost Recon game come less than 24 hours after Ubisoft axed Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The word for the day is "over". As in, support for Ghost Recon Breakpoint is officially over after Ubisoft confirmed that it's going to stop working on the 2017 title after years of middling success. Meanwhile, "OVER" appears to be the codename of Ubisoft's next Ghost Recon game.

Ubisoft reassured fans that the Ghost Recon Breakpoint servers will remain online for the foreseeable future.

Kotaku reports that the next Ghost Recon game is under development by Ubisoft Paris, the same subsidiary that took point on Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Watch Dogs Legion.

The report describes the upcoming shooter as "the next mainline entry in the Ghost Recon series." Unfortunately, Kotaku did not reveal more information about the unannounced title but did confirm that the studio wanted to announce it last year before going with Ghost Recon Frontline, the franchise's take on the popular battle royale genre.

Speaking of Ghost Recon Frontline, Ubisoft's Warzone-like project isn't coming anytime soon after a delayed beta test ultimately resulted in negative internal playtest feedback.

Going back to the next Ghost Recon game, the unconfirmed installment wasn't included in an earlier report from Tom Henderson, suggesting that it is very early in its development.

Having said that, we wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft doesn't reveal the next mainline Ghost Recon game for a while. At the moment, Ubisoft is sitting on a handful of shooters such as Xdefiant, The Division: Heartland, and Rainbow Six Mobile. In addition, Ubisoft is also rumored to be working on Pathfinder, a battle royale game that will throw AI-controlled opponents into the mix, because, why not?

Ubisoft has had more losses than wins lately and the backlash following its announcement of Quartz did not help. With Watch Dogs Legion bombing with audiences and fans being left unsatisfied with the direction that Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has taken, Ubisoft might want to sit down and reassess what it should and should not do going forward. At the moment, this is far from what the French publisher is doing.

For a game that bombed at launch and didn't fare any better in the years after, Breakpoint lasted for a relatively long time.

Only time will tell what Ubisoft intends to do for the next year or two, but if it does involve the studio's nth Ghost Recon game, we're hoping that it'll be worth the wait.

Ray Ampoloquio
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