Ubisoft is actually looking for Skull and Bones playtesters

The testing phase confirms that Skull and Bones is one step closer to becoming a full game.

We're starting to think that Skull and Bones is a euphemism for a game that's barely been fleshed out despite spending years in development. Ubisoft has worked on the swash-buckling pirate sim for so long that people scoff at any news of potential progress of Skull and Bones. But, while most of the information that has come out is nothing more than just updates and release windows, the latest comes straight out of Ubisoft, confirming that Skull and Bones is progressing quite nicely.

Skulls And Bones Play Testers Scaled
Who here is willing to bet that at least one of these playtesters will leak Skull and Bones in the next few months?

According to Ubisoft, the development team is looking for people to take part in what they're referring to as the Skull and Bones Insider Program, a year after Skull and Bones went into alpha.

As is the case with these initiatives, Ubisoft will select a handful of applications to test out Skull and Bones before inviting more over time. Unfortunately, the studio is keeping details about the game and testing a mystery, for now, suggesting that it intends to keep info under lock and key until it is ready to lift the NDA. The good news is that insiders almost always "slip up", so we could start seeing screenshots of what Skull and Bones could potentially look like in the coming months.

The fact that Ubisoft is confident enough to send out flyers for playtesters suggests that the game is in its final stages of development. In a nutshell, Ubisoft is saying that it wants to use feedback from genuine experiences to find out where it can improve Skull and Bones next.

Skull and Bones took the scenic route to get this point and it's still not clear how audiences will react to the game once it comes out. The silver lining here is that Ubisoft is invested enough to brave the various storms that it has faced so far, which suggests that the company believes that it has something special in Skull and Bones. Of course, we could be putting too much meaning into this and it could just be that Ubisoft has fallen prey to the sunk cost fallacy. Either way, we're sure that Skull and Bones won't look the same when it arrives as it did back in 2017.

Ubisoft Looking For Skull And Bones Playtesters
You have to credit Ubisoft for sticking to a game that most had already given up on.

Ultimately, Skull and Bones' current testing timeline fits with the 2023 release date that Ubisoft gave the game last month.

Speaking of Ubisoft, the release of Skull and Bones could coincide with the new Assassin's Creed game. After going with an open-world setting for their most recent outings, Ubisoft is ready to go back to the series' roots. The release of Skull and Bones could be Ubisoft's attempt to mitigate the loss of the open-world setting and naval battles from its best-selling franchise by giving audiences an alternative in Skull and Bones.

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