Ubisoft lists The Division Heartland as coming soon

Details of the new game have been accidentally posted on the Ubisoft Store page.

Ubisoft Forward is just around the corner and it looks like someone at Ubisoft is a little too excited to reveal details of an upcoming game.

The Division Heartland takes place in middle America and features a new faction called the Vultures.

Details about The Division Heartland accidentally made their way online via a Ubisoft Store listing. The French publisher quickly deleted the errant listing but not before fans caught it.

The video was shared by Twitter user and Division content creator Unknown1Z1. It confirms some of the details that we already know about the game.

The accidental listing has started talks that the game will be announced soon.

Two game modes

There will be two game modes for The Division Heartland: Storm Operations and Excursion Operations.

The Storm Operations will be a 45-player PvEvP game mode where players take on other players (known as agents) and an aggressive faction called the Vultures. Players have to also survive a lethal virus presumably the Dollar Flu which is part of the game’s lore.

The second mode Excursion Operations is a player versus environment mode where agents complete missions and gather gear. There will also be six agents and three classes that the players can choose from for each match. Each class will have its own unique perks and skills.

Twitter user @Mr_Rebs_ has also shared screenshots of the game. One screenshot looks to be agents fighting in a PvEvP environment while another is a team versus some NPCs.

There is a reply to his tweet that the game will be similar to the Dark Zone in The Division but on a smaller scale. Anyone familiar with The Division knows that the Dark Zone or DZ is a PvEvP area of the game where players venture into to get the best loot and fight higher tiers of enemies. Players killed in the DZ will lose all of their items.

Longtime Division players have speculated that Heartland will be taking elements of the Dark Zone as part of its core gameplay. The DZ has been a large part of the reason why players continue to play The Division 1 & 2 as it provides a challenging mode even for seasoned gamers.

Ubisoft Forward

The Division Dark Zone
Heartland will surely take elements of The Division's Dark Zone game mode.

The Ubisoft Forward event will take place on the 10th. The showcase event will feature some of the games that Ubisoft is currently working on which should have been announced in the now-canceled E3. Fans are expecting Assassin’s Creed Mirage to be one of the show's highlights. We should also get more information about the upcoming release of the much-delayed Skull & Bones.

With the unexpected listing of The Division Heartland, we can expect it at the showcase. It should have a more specific release window now that we're almost halfway into the current fiscal year.

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