Ubisoft is working on Far Cry 7 and a multiplayer spin-off

The next mainline Far Cry installment and the multiplayer spin-off will reportedly use Ubisoft's proprietary Snowdrop Engine.

The last year was rough for Ubisoft and the company is trying to turn things around. The developer previously stated that it has the best pipeline of upcoming games in the company's history which will reportedly see the addition of two new Far Cry titles.

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Ubisoft is working on two titles for the Far Cry series.

Ubisoft does have a stacked lineup with several Assassin’s Creed projects, a Splinter Cell remake, and a multiplayer game based on The Division being developed over at the studio. The French developer is also working on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and an untitled open-world Star Wars game.

Insider Gaming reports at least two new games to the promising list: Far Cry 7 and a stand-alone multiplayer game based on the series. The two games are codenamed Project Blackbird and Project Maverick, respectively. Ubisoft Montreal is reportedly heavily involved in the development of both projects.

According to reports, the two projects started off with just a single game but became separated early on in development. The original game was codenamed Project Talisker and was led by Dan Hay until they became separate entities after his departure. Hay left Ubisoft in 2021 and just recently joined Blizzard and is reportedly working on an untitled survival game.

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Far Cry 7 is reportedly being set in Alaska.

Two anonymous sources reportedly shared that details for the projects are scarce at this point and Maverick has changed several times in the past year. According to the report, Maverick will be set in the Alaskan wilderness and is an extraction-based shooter that will feature mechanics like permadeath, backpacks, contracts, and more.

From the description alone, we can compare Project Maverick to the DMZ game mode within Call of Duty: Warzone 2 which has been extremely popular among gamers. The game is also similar to Ubisoft’s own titles including The Division’s Dark Zone and the upcoming The Division Heartlands.

However, apparently the idea has been around for some time now. In 2015, Far Cry players were asked about their preferred location for a new title with the most plausible setting being "a Far Cry game in remote Alaska about surviving the extreme wilderness." The source showed screenshots of Maverick revealing that the game has lootable chests and extraction zones.

There are also only a few details for Far Cry 7, aka Project Blackbird. What's currently known is this will be the next mainline title in the long-running video game series and will also be set in Alaska as both titles branched out from a single game.

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A Far Cry multiplayer extraction shooter is also being developed at Ubisoft.

The game is reportedly years away at this point and is tentatively scheduled for release in the fall of 2025. However, that may change as Ubisoft hasn’t been really hitting its target release windows lately.

Far Cry voice actor Alex Fernandez recently teased that he is working on Far Cry. Fernandez tweeted a photo of himself in a recording session with the caption "3 years…May it never end #JuanCortezLives," alluding to his character Juan Cortez being alive and part of a new Far Cry project. However, the actor may well be working on a Far Cry 6 DLC.

Far Cry 6 was released in 2021 and a 2025 release date for the next installment would be perfect. Ubisoft has said that it will not be giving comments on rumors regarding projects.

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