Ubisoft gives away Far Cry 3 for free ahead of Far Cry 6 release

Far Cry 3 is widely considered the best Far Cry game. Now, it's free.

The wait for the latest Far Cry installment is about to come to an end. Far Cry 6 is finally going to release this October after several delays. In celebration, Ubisoft just made the best Far Cry game ever available to download for free until September 11.

Vaas Montenegro remains the best villain in the Far Cry franchise.

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How do you get Far Cry 3 for free?

Far Cry 3's graphics have held up quite well despite its age.

Getting Far Cry 3 for free is simple. All you have to do is to head on over to the Ubisoft Store, choose the standard edition of the game, and click the "get it for free" button. Just make sure that you don't choose the deluxe edition as it still costs $30.

For anyone who doesn't know what Far Cry 3 is, many consider it as the best Far Cry game. It's the title where Ubisoft first implemented many of the elements that you see on other Far Cry games. Far Cry 3 is also where one of the best villains in all of gaming, Vaas Montenegro, made his mark.

What is most interesting about this is that Ubisoft is giving away Far Cry 3 for free specifically ahead of Far Cry 6's launch.

There have been rumors floating around these past few months that Far Cry 3 is a sequel to Far Cry 6. There's this theory going around online that Diego Castillo, the son of the Far Cry 6 antagonist, is a younger Vaas. Ubisoft has since denied this, but who knows? Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 6 could have other connections outside of sharing the same franchise.

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With that said, we'll know more about the truth behind Far Cry 6 soon enough. The game is set to launch on October 7. Until then, you can play through Far Cry 3 and check out why it's a highly-revered title.

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