Ubisoft delays big Division 2 update to 2022

Ubisoft Massive confirmed that the new game mode and endgame changes will release in February 2022.

It appeared that Ubisoft was going to stop supporting 2019's The Division at the end of 2020 after the studio released the End of Watch update. Soon after, fans found out that this wasn't the case. Back then, Ubisoft confirmed that The Division 2 will receive a big content update sometime in late 2021. Unfortunately, it appears that players will have to wait for a little while longer.

Ubisoft Delays Division Update
As promised, more The Division 2 is coming, just not this year.

Prepare for Ubisoft’s “most ambitious to date” update

Ubisoft Delays Division Update
Only time will tell if Ubisoft can deliver on its bold claims.

It's not clear what made Ubisoft change its mind. Back when End of Watch was dropped, most expected Ubisoft to stop supporting The Division 2 with regular updates. Even their statement confirming the upcoming The Division 2 update said that the studio was still actively discussing its plans for what's coming to the game.

With that said, one thing that Ubisoft made clear is that the new content update is one of its most ambitious ever.

Ubisoft explained that it needed more time to deliver quality content. As a result, the new The Division 2 update won't arrive until February 2022. Ubisoft also provided some useful insights in its latest post. For example, Ubisoft is bringing back the monthly Intelligence Annex blog posts. Meanwhile, Ubisoft also confirmed that a new in-game event is coming to the game to help celebrate the end of Season 7. Speaking of, a new game mode and more content are both coming to The Division 2 once Season 8 arrives.

Finally, Ubisoft confirmed that it's going to hold a PC-exclusive public beta test for the February update for The Division 2 sometime before its release.

February 2022 is stacked to the brim with quality titles

Ubisoft Delays Division Update
We wouldn't be surprised if The Division 2's February 2022 update ends up falling under the proverbial radar.

What's up with February 2022 and why are studios choosing it? It appears that every game that's been delayed this late 2021 will be released by then. Maybe the video game developers and publishers know something that most audiences don't? In any case, The Division 2's upcoming update will have to fight giants if it is to draw attention to itself.

Several games that are scheduled to release in February 2022 following an earlier delay include Evil Dead, Dying light 2, Elden Ring, Sifu, Saints Row, and Horizon Forbidden West.

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