Ubisoft announces Project Q

According to the French publisher, the team battle arena that looks a lot like Fortnite is not a battle royale.

For every Rainbow Six Siege and The Division, Ubisoft comes up with a handful of flops like Hyper Scape, Riders Republic, and most recently, Rainbow Six Extraction. However, while the French publisher has had more misses than hits lately, it's not stopping with its quest for the next big multiplayer title. Case in point, Ubisoft is now working on another multiplayer title that isn't afraid to wear its very obvious inspiration on its sleeve.

We know that Project Q is a working title, but it wouldn't be the worst idea to use the name for the final product.

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Announced by Ubisoft following a gameplay footage leak, Project Q is an "innovative and modern PvP battle arena game," that looks and feels like a cross between Fortnite and Overwatch.

According to the recent alpha test, Project Q currently has two game modes: Showdown and Battle Zone. The former is a small-scale battle arena mode that pits four teams with two players each against one another until only one team is left standing. Meanwhile, the latter sees two teams of four players each battle it out to see who can secure the most control points.

Those who've seen the playtest reel describe Project Q as a unique multiplayer shooter with melee mechanics that borrows Fortnite's third-person perspective as well as jumping and movement mechanics. But, what separates Project Q is that it isn't a battle royale. Not to mention, gamers don't have to pick up loot and weapons in Project Q. Instead, gamers can choose "Wonders" that they have to unlock from playing. Each Wonder is unique in its use, Damage, Control, Support, Mobility, as well as cooldown, so players will have to choose their wonders well and use them properly to get the advantage.

Of course, Project Q is still very early in its development, so things can and will probably still change. So far, the early looks of Project Q that we've seen suggest that Ubisoft has the makings of a winner. The only question now is if Ubisoft can polish and support Project Q well enough so that players bother to give it their time of the day once it comes out.

Ubisoft didn't give Project Q a release window, but the video shows that the studio has made considerable progress with the game. Since Ubisoft was comfortable enough to announce Project Q, the publisher could include the game in its upcoming massive showcase.

Ubisoft just confirmed that it's shutting down the Hyper Scape servers on April 28.

If you're curious to find out more about Project Q right now, you can sign up and register to participate in the ongoing playtests.

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