Two Point Campus to get space-faring DLC

Space Academy is set to launch on December 6 for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, with the Switch version coming on December 12.

If you're itchin' for some otherwordly adventures, Two Point Campus might have what you are looking for.

Two Point Campus Space Faring Dlc December
Two Point Campus is the latest game from Two Point Studios, the makers of Two Point Hospital.

According to SEGA and Two Point Studios, the first DLC for the school-centric business sim will take gamers off of Earth and into space. Instead of managing standard students, the DLC will let you run a space academy full of talented students dreaming of taking to space one day.

The DLC will add three more campus locations for you to build and maintain, as well as six new student archetypes. In addition to this, students will get access to six new space-themed courses as well as classrooms. There's also the Battle Space where the students will learn how to defend themselves from extra-terrestrial threats. It's unclear just what kind of aliens we're talking about here, but the DLC is expected to introduce non-human characters.

Of course, the main highlight has to be creating a new campus in the stars, or specifically, asteroids, which it describes as the series' "first out-of-Country campus".

Two Point Campus Space Faring Dlc December
Two Point Campus was released in August.

Apparently, the DLC will let you go full Armageddon and plunder an asteroid for resources. You can even deck it out like it's any other campus except that you're constantly on the move and could be headed careening toward a planet. We don't exactly know the science behind how and if this even works, but hey, who cares, right? It's a campus on a space rock - Two Point Studios should probably highlight that to get more people to buy the DLC.

Finally, the Space Academy DLC will feature more content like going to a sci-fi convention, time traveling, and even an alien Elvis Presley, for some reason.

We'll find out what else Two Point Studios has in store for the Space Academy DLC when it's out on December 6 (or December 12, on the Nintendo Switch).

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