Twitch Streamer Ludwig Swears Off Subathons After Setting New Record

The internet defines Subathons as a defined period of time wherein a streamer will live stream certain stunts or activities in a bid to boost up his or her channel's subscription numbers. Streamers do this for a lot of reasons. Some do it just because. Others do it for a cause. However, while most streamers are almost always game for a Subathon, one Twitch streamer swears that he'll never do another Subathon again.

Ludwig now holds the record for most subs held in a single Twitch stream following his 31-day Subathon.

Why Doesn't Ludwig Want To Do Subathons Anymore?

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, otherwise more commonly known as just Ludwig, is a legend among streamers. In particular, his penchant for doing Subathons is nearly unrivaled. In fact, his most recent Subathon saw him stream for a month straight, starting from March 14 and ending on April 14, which prompted viewers to wonder if he's keen on doing a Subathon again to try and go for longer than a full month.

In a recent video, Ludwig addressed the question of whether or not he plans on following up on his most recent Subhaton. He claims that a follow-up would be just like a sequel, specifically, he likened it to the Hangover trilogy. He says that a second Subhaton won't be nearly as successful as the first one, saying that the same thing happened with subsequent sequels of the original Hangover film that premiered in 2009.

TLDR; don't expect Ludwig to do a Subathon again anytime soon.

You can't exactly blame him though. The streamer didn't even plan to go a full month. He originally started with the idea of doing a 24-hour stream. However, right in the middle of the initial stream, he decided to go for a full day more. Eventually, he found himself doing a month-long Subathon that ended with him having more than 200,000 subs.

It definitely makes a lot of sense for Ludwig to think that it's absurd that he can top whatever he did during his first go-around.

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However, while Ludwig did say that he's not open to doing Subathons anytime soon, he did say that there are situations where he might reconsider his decision. Namely, if he can stream from outer space. He says that he'll take advantage of the chance to do a Subathon outside of the earth, which, while unlikely, isn't impossible.

After all, Ludwig's stream that went on for nearly 30 days was considered unprecedented before he did it, so we can't exactly say for sure that he'll never be able to do a Subathon in space.

Who knows? SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a notorious gamer. Considering that he seems up for pretty much anything, who's to say that he won't send Ludwig outside of this world to do a Subathon should the thought cross his mind? Lest we forget, Elon Musk is currently working on shooting a film in space with Tom Cruise.

With that said, we probably shouldn't expect a Ludwig Subathon anytime soon, if ever.

Then again, even if this was the last, Ludwig will go down as a legend. Not only has he streamed for a month straight, but Ludwig also set the record for the most-held Twitch subs at a time. The previous record-holder, Richard Tyler Blevins, otherwise known as Ninja, formerly held the top spot with 269,154 subs in April 2018. His new record saw him end his Subhaton with more than 282,000 subs, with as many as 225,000 people watching.

Ludwig has pledged that all the money he earned from the final day's subs to the Human Society and St. Jude's. Meanwhile, he has also pledged a dollar for every single sub before the last day to the No Kid Hungry charity.

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