Twitch Streamer Caught Assaulting His Girlfriend Live on Stream

Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx is currently facing some serious backlash after he was caught hitting his girlfriend in front of audiences live on stream. What makes this incident even more outrageous is that he later confirmed that happened, while also denying that what he did was wrong.

As of the moment, the Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx has had both his YouTube and Twitch accounts taken down following the incident.

What Did SmashGodxXx Do To His Girlfriend Live on Stream?

As of the moment, the original Twitch video has since been deleted. However, multiple people have already uploaded copies of the incident all over the internet. This includes the one embedded above.

Basically, what happened was that SmashGodxXx appears to have physically assaulted his girlfriend while the two of them were live streaming.

The incident occurred following a small argument between the streamer and his girlfriend with SmashGod repeatedly telling his girlfriend to leave, keep quiet, and even ordering her to grab him a beer. However, when she refused, SmashGod proceeded to turn the camera to the side. What then follows is what seems like the sound of a loud slap, which many imply is of SmashGodxXx slapping his girlfriend.

Just a few moments later, the streamer decides to mute the mic before ultimately deciding to end the stream with no explanations.

Weirdly enough, it didn't take long for the couple to appear together live on stream once again. However, this time around, SmashGod found his chat flooded with concerned viewers. In the meantime, his girlfriend looks visibly disheveled behind him.

He took this time to let his viewers know that he would never do what they are accusing him of. However, he later appears to retract this statement. He then confirms that he did hit his girlfriend but clarifying that it was more like a "slash" and not a slap.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of it. After once again ending the Twitch live stream all of a sudden, the two of them return for one last time. The main difference this time around is that his girlfriend is seen saying the words "don't lie". At the moment, it's unclear who or what she is talking about at this point. What is clear though is that something definitely is up, which prompted her to cry on camera all of a sudden.

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SmashGod then passes the blame to his girlfriend for reportedly causing all the trouble. All the while he is assuring everyone in the chat that his girlfriend and the two of them are fine.

The stream concludes for the last time with what looks like SmashGod's sister supposedly coming inside to grab the camera with his girlfriend walking away. SmashGod is last heard yelling in the background of the video with his girlfriend screaming. Some sort of noise that sounds like pounding was also heard but it is unclear as to exactly what happened.

Right now, the only thing that we are sure of is that SmashGod is now part of a long list of content creators accused of either physical or sexual assault.

What's Next for SmashGod?

As of the moment, SmashGod's Twitch channel has been suspended following the accusations. However, he clarified that he plans on appealing the ban. He claims that he did "nothing wrong". He even went as far as to encourage his supporters to downvote all videos of the altercation posted online via his private Discord channel.

As of the moment, SmashGodxXx's YouTube channel is no longer available. He has also turned his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram private.

With that said, as the pitchforks come out and internet citizens call for justice, we'll just have to wait to see the conclusion of this entire situation.

Ray Ampoloquio
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