Twitch reveals plans to increase streamer revenue

After losing several major names to rival streaming platforms, the Amazon-owned streaming service is introducing new features that should help content creators make more money.

Twitch Chief Product Officer Tom Verrilli and Chief Monetization Officer Mike Minton have revealed some of the changes planned for Twitch for the first half of the year. These will include a revamped pre-roll ads system and other new features that will help streamers grow their channels on the platform and thus earn more money.

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The changes are intended to help new streamers break through

Twitch is an ad-supported platform that relies on advertising revenue to sustain its operating expenses, including the payouts for creators. Now, under the new system, streamers will no longer have to play 90 seconds of pre-roll ads every 30 minutes. Instead, they can set up a schedule that runs 3 minutes of ads per hour or do it manually. This way streamers can choose when it's a good time for an ad break without viewers missing an important sequence of gameplay.

This and a new picture-in-picture viewing experience can help streamers keep the attention of their audience that must watch 30 seconds of advertising before being able to lay eyes on the gameplay. Not only will this help the streamers and viewers, but it’s also a great practice that has been used in broadcasting traditional sports for quite a while.

The mobile app will also undergo drastic changes that should help streamers reach out and connect with their community in a healthier way. The user interface is due for adjustments that will bring an Upcoming Streams section to the mobile app. Streamers can also create a portfolio of 20 clips from their channel in the new Pinned Clips section, which should offer the viewer a preview of what they can expect from the content creator.

Streamers will get the opportunity to customize their stream titles with a new tool that will enable them to include emotes in the title. The introduction of Sound Bites, which is a new form of an audio alert unique to the streamer and paid for by the viewer, is another way to increase personalization and interactiveness within the community. The Cheering function, which will also undergo changes, should definitely help in that regard.

These changes come after a large number of content creators who created a following on Twitch ditched the platform in favor of other streaming services and more favorable monetization systems. Twitch has always been the OG site for making a living out of gaming, despite not being a major hub for console gamers. God of War: Ragnarok is one of those titles that found success on Twitch. One Twitch streamer was also able to become a voice actor for a Cyberpunk 77 DLC, proving that streaming on Twitch from your Xbox is a viable career path for some.

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