Twitch Bans Amouranth and IndieFoxx Following Controversial ASMR Streams

ASMR is not a new Twitch category. It's been around for a long time and most of the content contained within it has been fairly innocent - until now.

Amouranth and IndieFoxx are among the first streamers to be banned by Twitch for their ASMR streams.

It was only until recently that the hot tub meta on Twitch died down. Yet, it hasn't taken long for the same to find a way to reinvent themselves on the streaming platform.

Popular streamers such as Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa and Jenelle "IndieFoxx" Dagres, in particular, have taken to the ASMR category. Both have recently been streaming performances of themselves doing fairly suggestive ASMR routines.

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This naturally drew the ire of other more wholesome streamers in the same category, with many calling for Twitch to take action, and that Twitch certainly did.

As of June 19, both Amouranth and IndieFoxx have been banned from the streaming platform.

Why Did Twitch Ban Amouranth and IndieFoxx?

If it's any consolation, both Amouranth and Indiefoxx are still listed as Twitch partners.

Trends tend to come and go on Twitch. The latest, for example, recently saw content creators like IndieFoxx and Amouranth licking microphones and stretching in yoga poses. All the while, these ladies are seen wearing intentionally provocative yoga pants.

The sexual nature of the content that the two are uploading is evident. Even though Twitch has technically not outlawed what the two did on its platform, audiences believe that their ASMR streams are to blame for their recent bans.

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Regardless of whatever the reason is, Amouranth's latest Twitch ban is her fourth and Indiefoxx's fifth. Twitch recently targeted the former for demonetization of her hot tub streams. The popular streaming platform also suspended advertising on Amouranth's channel without warning. In retaliation, Amouranth referred to the ban as setting an "ALARMING precedent".

Joining Amouranth on the receiving end of Twitch's ban hammer is IndieFoxx. Many believe that Twitch banned IndieFoxx for the same reason as Amouranth.

In any case, both Amouranth and IndieFoxx have seen their audience grow considerably following their salacious ASMR streams. The latter, in particular, saw her follower count go up by nearly 100,000 in just one week.

Technically, Amouranth and IndieFoxx may be right to dispute their bans. Both could argue that Twitch should not have banned them for their ASMR streams. After all, licking microphones is not a bannable offense. However, Twitch probably isn't going to break precedent and disclose why it decided to ban both streamers.

Either way, Twitch does have some clarifying to do. Even if it doesn't explain why it banned Amouranth and IndieFoxx, Twitch needs more clearly defined guidelines.

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