Twisted Metal TV show finds a home on Peacock

Despite their existing film partnership with Sony, the live-action adaptation based on Twisted Metal starring Anthony Mackie will be streaming on Peacock.

The highly anticipated Anthony Mackie-led live-action Twisted Metal adaptation has finally found a streaming platform.

NBCUniversal's streaming division just landed a series with huge upside in Twisted Metal.

Less than two months after Sony declared the return of Twisted Metal at CES 2022, it appears that audiences are finally going to get a chance to see the TV show based on the series. The upcoming Twisted Metal series will mark the first Sony media product to find its way on Peacock. The show will be headed and written by Michael Jonathan Smith, whose previous works include another series based on another cult-classic franchise, Cobra Kai.

Peacock describes Twisted Metal as a "high-octane action comedy, based on an original take," which is interesting, to say the least. As much as we'd like to think that Twisted Metal was hilarious because it had a clown for what's effectively the series' main character, the vehicular combat title was more mature and dark than comedic. Of course, it remains to be seen how Twisted Metal will reshape its source material. At the very least, the show deserves the benefit of the doubt as Mackie is also on board as not just the lead but also one of its producers.

Judging from what we've read about the Twisted Metal series so far, it's a funnier version of the Mad Max films.

Back in 2012, Sony even showed interest in a potential feature film adaptation with Brian Taylor, of Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance fame, directing. Unfortunately, after the 2012 reboot of Twisted Metal failed to sell well, Sony put the series out to pasture.

Even so, talk on the grapevine has been filled with rumors and speculation about a revival of Twisted Metal. As early as last year, there were rumors that Lucid Games was working on a Twisted Metal reboot with further "proof" coming in December only for a report in January to claim that Sony was unhappy with the progress and instead handed over the game's development to an unnamed first-party studio in Europe.

Unfortunately, everything you've just read outside of Peacock picking up the Twisted Metal TV series is all speculation. The good news is that this is a long time coming for Twisted Metal fans that have been starved for anything related to the franchise for years. The only question now is if enough people will watch Twisted Metal on Peacock.

NBCUniversal's streaming platform is a relatively new player after being launched in 2020 and isn't exactly home to many fan-favorite shows let alone subscribers. Bringing Twisted Metal to Peacock might hurt viewership numbers even if ends up being a good show. Of course, we'll never know if Twisted Metal will be good or not until Peacock airs the show, which probably won't be for a while.

If Twisted Metal gets big enough, Netflix might find a way to bring the show to its library instead.
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