Twisted Metal has finished shooting its first season

The TV series is now in post-production and hopefully, ready for a premiere in 2023.

Gamers have plenty of live-action adaptations to look forward to in the coming years. In the past week, we've gotten news about the upcoming BioShock film finally finding its director and set photos from Amazon Prime's Fallout: The Series teasing a very faithful recreation.

Twisted Metal finishes filming its first season.
Twisted Metal finishes filming its first season.

The PlayStation-exclusive series, Twisted Metal, is another game with a live-action adaptation in the works. The vehicular combat game first came out in 1995 on the original PlayStation.

Sony confirmed during the CES 2022 that Twisted Metal is indeed coming to television, which will star Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Yesterday, Twisted Metal producer and showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith, announced on Twitter that the series has completed filming of its first season. In the tweet, he shared that the "cast and crew of Twisted Metal was something special" for fans of the franchise.

Fans of the series will likely have to wait for the post-production process to end before we get a premiere date.

What is Twisted Metal?

The Twisted Metal series is synonymous with the PlayStation brand. The series features cars in a demolition derby-style gameplay that includes weapons such as rockets and miniguns.

The main objective of the games is to eliminate all the other vehicles using weapons, power-ups, and wits, to become the last man standing. The story of the games revolved around the eponymous tournament where drivers compete until the last driver is left where they can ask the organizer to grant them one wish.

Will the Twisted Metal TV series be based on the games?

It will be interesting how Michael Jonathan Smith turns the video game into a tv series.
It will be interesting how Michael Jonathan Smith turns the video game into a tv series.

In the Twisted Metal TV series, Anthony Mackie will play an original character, John Doe, an undercover FBI agent who lost his memories. Other notable actors include Neve Campbell, who will play the role of Raven, and Samoa Joe, who will portray the series' mascot, Sweet Tooth, with the voice acting by Will Arnett.

With Cobra Kai's Michael Jonathan Smith as the showrunner, the Twisted Metal TV series has the potential to become a big hit. Unfortunately, unlike Cobra Kai, Twisted Metal will be exclusive to Peacock.

Aside from the aforementioned TV shows and Twisted Metal, Sony has also lent its many other properties to enjoy live-action adaptations such as Gran Turismo, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, and The Last of Us.

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