Turn 10 Studios teasing Summer release date for Forza Motorsport reboot

Forza Motorsport was initially rumored to be out on or before June this year but we haven't heard much about its release date since.

Turn 10 Studios has hyped Forza Motorsport up as its "most accessible game" ever.

The Xbox brand is in desperate need of a win, and the release of Forza Motorsport is an easy way to keep the Xbox Series S and X owners busy ahead of the release of Starfield in September. Unfortunately, we haven't heard from Turn 10 Studios save from the showcase earlier this year. But, if we believe the most recent tease, Forza Motorsport could be ready to race as early as June.

In a recent tweet from the studio's head, Alan Hartman, dialed the speculations up to 11 after he tweeted, "Come on Shine!! #FordGT #Forza", which was accompanied by a photo of his personal car, a Ford GT, that's reportedly worth a cool $1.7 million.

The Loot Drop

There is speculation that Forza Motorsport might release as early as June, based on a recent tweet by Turn 10 Studios head, Alan Hartman.

On one hand, Hartman could just be a car guy proudly showing off one of his babies. It's believed that Hartman keeps the Ford GT in the studio's lobby when it's not in use. On the other hand, why would someone do that unless they were teasing something?

What leads us to believe that this is something big is when the Microsoft Game Dev account also joined in on the fun.

Forza Motorsport needs to hit it big if it wants to erase the disappointment from Redfall.

The best-case scenario is Turn 10 Studios will release Forza Motorsport in June, as previously "confirmed". But, we shouldn't get our hopes too high up. It's likely this is just a tease for the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase in June. This event will be a prelude to the much-larger Starfield Direct.

Of course, we wouldn't mind if Turn 10 and Xbox dropped a demo for Forza Motorsport as well, even if this isn't exactly on brand.

The point is, people are forgetting that Forza Motorsport exists, and you can't exactly blame them. Forza Motorsport 7 was literally released a generation ago in 2017. Given how fast-paced the gaming industry is and how there's been an arguably better racing sim released since in the form of Gran Turismo 7 (and Forza Horizon 5), the upcoming reboot is going to get overshadowed. But, if it does come out in June, it will have a worthy opponent in F1 23, which launches on June 16.

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