Turffield Gym Grass Badge Guide

Hello Adventurers! Welcome to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym guide for Turffield Gym, where you’ll be able to earn your Grass Badge. This guide will explain what you can expect when you reach the gym and, most importantly, details on how to earn the Green Badge. As you may know, there are eight different gym badges, each with a different Pokemon class:

Turffield Stadium
  • Grass Badge
  • Water Badge
  • Fire Badge
  • Fighting/Ghost Badge
  • Fairy Badge
  • Rock/Ice Badge
  • Dark Badge
  • Dragon Badge

Once you've obtained all these badges you'll be able to head to the Final Championships, the Champion Gym Challenge.

Turffield Gym

Turffield Stadium is home to the Turffield Gym, the place where you can obtain the Grass Badge by defeating the Gym leader, Milo. This will be the first gym you'll encounter in the game.

The main lobby has a few interactions you should deal with first, so don't be too hasty in leaving. The 'Ball Guy' can be spoken to and you’ll receive a friend ball ("a strange poke ball, that will make the wild Pokemon you catch with more friendly towards you immediately").

The Ball Guy
Getting a Friend Ball

When you interact with the kid towards the center of the lobby, he will trade in a Meowth for a Galarian Meowth, if you have one.

Galarian Meowth Interaction
Trading a Meowth for a Galarian Meowth

An interaction with the lady at the center of the gym will initiate the main gym mission. After you change into your uniform, you'll be able to walk into the stadium to begin the mission. This is a grass type gym, so the Pokemon here will generally be weak to Bug, Flying and predominantly Fire attacks.

Main Gym Mission

This gym will get you started with Wooloo herding. There are four sections, your objective is to herd and push all Wooloo (20 of them) to the blue goal at the end of each section.

Gameplay Image Turffield Gym
Herding Wooloo

The first one is quite simple, there are no obstacles, you'll just need to push them together. To increase your precision, you should walk slowly. The Wooloo will move based on how close you are to them, so push them together and walk behind all of them to force them forward.

In the second area, a Yamper is moving across the field. If your herded Wooloo get too close, they'll scuttle in the opposite direction. You may use this to your advantage, by pushing the Wooloo before the Yamper starts moving to the right side of the field, which will scare the Wooloo to the right, making it easier for you to push them against the wall and in your goal.

Gameplay Image Turffield Gym
More Wooloo herding

Just before you can do that though, you need to take care of a trainer who is blocking the way. It’s Gym Trainer Samuel with his Gossifleur Pokemon.

Gym Trainer Samuel Sent Out Gossifleur
Samuel sending out his Gossifleur

In the third area, there are two dividers. You'll need to wait for the Yamper to pass through the middle and then push your Wooloo herd through. To make things easier, you can move your herd to the left and wait for the Yamper to pass by. Once it does that you can push your herd of Wooloo along the wall to your goal.

Gameplay Image Turffield Gym
Still herding Wooloo

An optional trainer will also be available here on the right side, Gym Trainer Mark, he comes with two grass type Pokemon, a Budew and an Oddish.

Budew And Oddish Stats
Budew and Oddish stats

Onto the last section. There are now four dividers with narrow paths and two Yampers. Wait for the Yamper on the right to turn the corner and run against the wall. Once that happens you can take your herd of Wooloo against the right wall and onwards until you reach your goal.

Gameplay Image Turffield Gym
Completing Wooloo herding

Once again you'll see an optional trainer here, Gym Trainer Leah with two Pokemon, a Bounsweet and an Oddish.

Chalange By Gym Trainer Leah
Leah challenge

Now it's time for the final challenge. Once you walk up the steps of the real stadium, Gym Leader Milo will be waiting for you. Luckily enough, in this battle, you'll have to fight only two Pokemon, a Gossifleur and an Eldegoss.

Gameplay Image Turffield Gym
Milo Pokemon battle

The first Pokemon, Gossifleur, is a pure grass type Pokemon, so you can use a flying type or a fire type against, either of which will work to your advantage.

The second Pokemon you'll face is an Eldegoss, which is also a pure grass type Pokemon. You can use the Dynamax mechanic to get a gist of what it's like here, although you don't necessarily need to, you can defeat this gym without it.

Gossifleur And Eldegoss Stats
Gossifleur and Eldegoss stats

The Dynamax feels a little overpowered and unethical but it certainly has good visuals.

The Grass Badge should now be yours. You will have also unlocked the ability to catch Pokemon up to the level of 25, and along with that you get a TM10 Magical Leaf when you return to the lobby, as well as a Grass Uniform.

Now onto the next gym, Hulbury Gym, to receive your Water Badge!

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