Tron Enters The Fortnite Universe

Epic Games has revealed Fortnite's latest pop culture crossover, with Tron entering the universe. There are several Tron-related items in the game right now including ten skins available in the in-game store, each including a removable helmet.

Both male and female Tron skins will also get different skin tone variants that players can choose from. Each skin also lets you switch between helmet on or helmet off. The only difference between tje male and female helmets is that for the male model, it is the classic visor from the original film. Meanwhile, the female model helmet is from the 2010 sequel, Tron Legacy, with its full face-covering mask.

Just search for the "End of Line" collection available now in the Fortnite Item Shop. Below are the available Tron-themed skins.

  1. Cypher
  2. Firewall
  3. Proxy
  4. Datapath
  5. Packet
  6. Bitstream
  7. Commandline
  8. Upload
  9. Io
  10. Bandwidth

This addition is a departure from the Fortnite Season 5 motif of "hunting". Nevertheless, the 1982 CG blockbuster Tron will not find itself out-of-place, given that other 1980s movie blockbusters Terminator and Predator have found their way into the battle royale game.

Players will also get the Light Cycle glider and Identity Disc pickaxe. However, players can't purchase the Identity Disc a la carte, instead, it is included with every skin, all costing 1,500 V-bucks. The Light Cycle Glider is priced at 800 V-bucks. Purchasing all of the Tron-related items in Fortnite costs 2,300 V-bucks.

The Light Cycle Glider costs 800 V-bucks

Tron's inclusion in the Fortnite universe is not really a well-kept secret. Epic Games was teasing this crossover on its official Twitter account yesterday.

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While last season in Fortnite, Marvel characters entered the fray, this season there seems to be more varied pop culture IPs like the Mandalorian, Kratos, Master Chief, and G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes. There was also a line of soccer club uniforms which include Juventus and AC Milan.

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