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Wrestling universe abuzz after Triple H declared Brock Lesnar as a free agent

This means that Brock Lesnar can be a thorn in any brand's side, regardless of whether it's Friday Night SmackDown or Monday Night RAW.

We'll find out on May 6 if Brock Lesnar's ongoing tiff with Cody Rhodes will be short-lived.

The 2023 WWE Draft has come and gone and Brock Lesnar is still not assigned to a specific brand.

Triple H confirmed the status of Lesnar during the final night of the WWE draft on the May 1 episode of Monday Night RAW.

Fans had expected the WWE to place Lesnar in the RAW brand to continue his feud with Cody Rhodes, at least for most of the year. After all, both are expected to square off at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico on May 6.

But, with Triple H's announcement, it seems the WWE wants to keep its options open for Lesnar, at least until the next WWE Draft.

Being a free agent is perfect for Brock Lesnar, who prefers to not be tied down to a particular schedule or brand.

As one of WWE's biggest attractions, Lesnar is a special case. He gets away with not having to appear in every single WWE show, despite lacking any prestigious title, mostly because he's a draw in and of itself. Not to mention, the WWE doesn't usually assign Lesnar to a particular brand, which is why fans were looking forward to his name being announced after his inclusion in this year's draft pool.

This decision gives Triple H and Lesnar the option to have The Beast Incarnate feud with both the biggest stars on RAW and SmackDown whenever his services are necessary.

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Right now, all signs point to a feud with Rhodes, that may or may not conclude at WWE Backlash. But, if the unlikely happens and Rhodes loses again, this feud could continue well into the year, possibly at SummerSlam in Detroit in August. However, the fan-favorite theory is to pit Lesnar against Gunther after his ongoing rivalry with Chodes. A matchup between these two giants have drawn interest ever since their brief standoff at this year's Men's Royal Rumble match.

Lesnar has since revealed that the WWE pitched him a showdown with Gunther at WrestleMania 39 but things fell apart as he then went ahead and squashed Omos instead.

Brock Lesnar vs Gunther would be a dream come true for fans who cheered in excitement following their brief interaction at this year's Royal Rumble.

Now that Gunther and the rest of Imperium are on RAW, Lesnar, and Gunther could pursue the "postponed" match with a much better buildup for SummerSlam if not WrestleMania 40. The Ring General is staring at history as the longest-running Intercontentinal Champion and who better to try and spoil that moment for him than one of the best heels in WWE? Then again, the WWE could easily put Lesnar on the hunt for the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt alongside Seth Rollins and quite possibly, Austin Theory. 

Who knows? The WWE might even let Stone Cold fulfill one of his biggest regrets and finally have him wrestle Lesnar at WrestleMania 40.

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