Say hello to the tribes of Horizon Forbidden West

The highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive will hit the market in February.

Horizon Forbidden West hasn't officially gone gold yet, but it appears Sony Interactive Entertainment is 100% ready to launch its latest exclusive.

Tribes Horizon Forbidden West
The more of Forbidden West we see, the more excited we get for the game.

With only a few weeks to go before the game is released, Sony has released a new trailer showcasing the many tribes that Aloy will encounter on her journey throughout the post-apocalyptic earth.

Get ready to journey through the Forbidden West

Tribes Horizon Forbidden West
Forbidden West is one of the few remaining upcoming exclusives to be released on both the PS4 and the PS5.

2017's Zero Dawn was one of the most pleasant surprises of the previous console generation. The all-original game from Guerilla Games told the story of Aloy, a parentless child who was raised by Rost, an outcast of the Nora tribe that was formerly known as a Death-Seeker. Perhaps more interesting than the story of Aloy is the compelling tale of the world around her.

Both Horizon titles are set in a post-apocalyptic version of the United States. Zero Dawn is primarily set in the states of Colorado and Utah, as well as small sections of northern Arizona and Montana. However, Forbidden West will see Aloy explore further beyond the titular Forbidden West. The first game describes this area as somewhere "only the sun may go."

The Forbidden West will reportedly cover a vast expanse of land that is currently occupied by the modern-day states of Utah, California, and Nevada.

As per the latest Forbidden West trailer, several tribes exist across the relatively uncharted lands. Both the Oseram and Carja will return from the first game. The former is a technologically advanced tribe while the latter are known for their military strength. Moving on, the trailer introduces the Utaru, Tenakth, as well as a mysterious tribe that's described as "Strangers past the shore, searching for secrets on the very edge of the west."

It appears that Forbidden West is going to cover a lot of ground. The mere mention of foreigners from "past the shore" suggests that humans from other continents have survived and ventured to the post-apocalyptic United States.

Excited fans won't have to wait too long to find out where Aloy's next journey will take her. Forbidden West is set to launch on February 18, 2022.

Tribes Horizon Forbidden West
Forbidden West promises a much more expansive world for Aloy to explore.

Forbidden West was originally scheduled to release in 2021. Unfortunately, just as the year was about to end, Sony confirmed that it had pushed the game back to 2022. The game will release for both the PS4 and PS5, with a free upgrade to the PS5 version. Guerilla recently released photos of Forbidden West running on the PS4, easing concerns about potential performance issues encountered by the cross-gen title. Unfortunately, PS5 owners are still worried that about the game's rumored file size without the updates and future DLCs.

In other news, Sony has officially revealed the PSVR 2. The next-gen VR hardware's first game, Cal of the Mountain, is a VR spin-off to Guerilla Games' Horizon titles. Call of the Mountain is best developed by Guerilla Games and Firesprite.

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