Grimlock comes to life via Transformers x Robosen Flagship series exclusive

The iconic Transformers Dinobot leader Grimlock gets his due as an auto-converting robot through collaboration between Hasbro and Robosen.

The iconic Transformers Dinobot leader Grimlock gets his due as an auto-converting robot through collaboration between Hasbro and Robosen. (Images: Hasbro and Robosen Robotics)

Grimlock, the Dinobot commander from The Transformers, gets his own auto-converting robot version designed by Robosen in collaboration with Hasbro.

Robosen (aka Robosen Robotics Inc.) has made a name for itself for producing high-quality consumer-level robots for hobbyists. With operating hubs in North America, EU, and the Asia Pacific, Robosen’s products have a reputation for being marvels of design and engineering. Perhaps their most notable achievement was the G1 Transformers Flagship Optimus Prime auto-transforming robot, which aside from having transforming and movement abilities featured the voice of Peter Cullen himself.

But perhaps there is a new contender to that distinction, with Robosen’s King Grimlock?

Robosen debuted the Grimlock auto-converting Transformer on their website to announce the start of the pre-order period on July 19. The toy was then publicly unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con for fans to see.

According to Robosen’s official website, no expense was spared in producing Grimlock:

Using materials such as polymers, nanomaterials, and superalloys, Robosen uses advanced processing methods including laser, etching and precision carving. Grimlock features ultra-precise assembly techniques, advanced SOC chip technology, and equipped with a comprehensive robot operating system.

The leader of the Dinobots stands a mighty 13.7 inches in his humanoid form and 9.1 inches in T-rex mode. For comparison, the Flagship Optimus Prime is 19 inches tall while the Elite Optimus Prime is 16 inches. So Grimlock is a little shorter than the Autobot leader, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in features.

What makes the Robosen Flagship Grimlock distinctive from the previous Optimus Prime toys is that he is the first dual-form transforming bi-pedal walking robot. Thanks to modern engineering and computer technology, Grimlock can walk in both forms consistently, without the instability expected from similar robots of its kind.

That means Grimlock won’t topple and fall while in motion, assuming a sufficiently flat and wide enough surface. This is made possible by the 34 high-torque servo motors, 6-axis IMU sensors, and 85 michrochips that work in unison to provide Grimlock’s mobility and articulation. The advanced robotic engineering also provides a wide array of motion in Grimlock’s humanoid and dinosaur forms. This includes weapon swinging and shooting poses (in humanoid form) and biting and snapping jaws to attack his enemies (in T-Rex form).

Robosen's auto-converting Grimlock collector's edition robot has multiple play options. A new feature is the Minitheater, which allows Grimlock to interact with the previous Robosen Optimus Prime toys, re-enacting scenes from The Transformers G1 cartoon.

But the ability to transform and move without falling is just the tip of the iceberg. Grimlock is packed with entertainment functionality, thanks to the software that allows for Remote APP control via Bluetooth BLE 5.0. Owners of the Robosen Dinobot can download the app through Google Play for android devices and the Apple App store for iOS. This allows users to command Grimlock with pre-programmed actions as well as the new Minitheater feature that allows Grimlock to do coordinated simulations or join the Robosen Optimus Prime in coordinated multiplay.

And just as the Robosen Optimus Prime toys had Peter Cullen’s iconic voice, Grimlock has built-in audio lines recorded by his G1 voice actor Gregg Berger. Aside from his familiar "Me am Grimlock" line, the Flagship Robosen toy has over 150 new exclusively recorded speech. Grimlock will give appropriate responses to the 42 built-in voice commands. And the owners of this toy can also add new commands and interactions via the aforementioned Robosen app.

Plus, the Grimlock Robosen exclusive toy comes with its own accessories. Included are a gold-plated Collector’s Coin with a unique serial number, his Galaxial Rocket Launcher, Energon Sword, and his crown. The crown might be unusual for those who only know the G1 cartoon. However, this is actually a reference to the G1 comic book published by Marvel Comics. In issue 27 of The Transformers Vol. 1, Grimlock was elected the new leader of the Autobots and started wearing a gold crown.

The Robosen Grimlock robot will also include multiple accessories. Aside from a gold-plated Collector's Coin with a unique serial number, Grimlock will be armed with his Galaxial Rocket Launcher and Energon Sword. Plus, he can wear a crown declaring himself "King of the Autobots", which homages his election as Autobot leader from the Marvel Comics story "King of the Hill".

Fans can get all of this for the low, low pre-order price of U.S. $1,499, which makes Grimlock the most expensive Robosen Flagship Transformers robot to date. That’s certainly a high price. But for this impressive and cartoon-accurate version of the fan-favorite Dinobot, it might be worth it.

With Grimlock being only the second auto-converting Transformer next to Robosen’s own Flagship series Optimus Prime, who could be the next to get the same treatment? Perhaps a transforming version of Optimus Prime from the recent film, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts? Or a G1 Soundwave that transforms into a cassette player would be sweet, especially if it has a built in MP3 player and FM radio functionality!

The limited time pre-order of Robosen’s auto-converting Dinobot Grimlock will run until September 30, 2023. After the pre-order period, the toy will be available for its MSRP of US $1,699.

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