The trailer for House of the Dragon Episode 7 teases blood, betrayal, and a stolen dragon

Just as everyone is still reeling from that jarring time jump, House of the Dragon's next episode teases the violent boiling point of the first season.

A "cat fight" is slang for an intense if not dangerous argument between two women. But, what do you call it if these two women happen to be the two most powerful and influential figures in all of the seven kingdoms?

Trailer House Of The Dragon Episode
In the books, the Blacks carry the personal sigil of the Heir to the Throne, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Such is the highlight of the trailer for House of the Dragon Episode 7.

Just hours after the sixth episode of House of the Dragon dropped, HBO has shared with us a glimpse of what's shaping up to be the climax of the first season of the Game of Thrones spin-off.

The tension between the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Alicent Hightower, and the heir to the throne, Rhaenyr Targaryen, continues to intensify as a particular sequence of events will sow the seeds for the inevitable war between the two former childhood friends.

But, before we delve deeper into House of the Dragon Episode 7, we'd love to remind you to turn back if you haven't watched Episode 6 yet.

Trailer House Of The Dragon Episode
With only four episodes left, House of the Dragon should continue raising the stakes.

Now that's out of the way, let's consider that the biggest time jump of the season starts and ends with a literal blaze of glory. After introducing us to House of the Dragon's newest set of faces, the episode ended with Laena Velaryon, now the wife of Daemon Targaryen, essentially killing herself.

As the eldest daughter of the Queen Who Never Was staggered out into the night after giving birth to a stillborn son, Laena all but begs the largest living dragon in all of Westeros, Vhagar, to kill her. Despite showing reluctance, Vhagar gives in and kills his bonded rider after multiple calls of "Dracarys".

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As a dragon rider by heart, this was the death that Laena has always wanted for herself. At the same time, this means that the seat upon Vhagar's back is now vacant.

As soon as Laena's burial at sea ends, her daughters, Rhaena and Baela whispers of Vhagar going missing. Naturally, the main suspect is Alicent's camp. It might even be the Queen herself. If so, it's no doubt a ploy to shore up her defenses. If you've read the books, you'll know that Aemond Targaryen lays claim to Vhagar not long after. It looks like the show will (rightfully so) make a bigger deal about how this will all unfold.

Trailer House Of The Dragon Episode
It definitely looks like this particular Valyrian Steel dagger plays a far more important role throughout history than most of us expected.

Speaking of things unfolding, House of the Dragon continues to show the catspaw dagger that was ultimately used to kill the Night King in the final season of Game of Thrones. It isn't clear yet what kind of role this Valyrian steel dagger will play in the events of House of the Dragon, but it will at least appear in Episode 7.

A common theory is that it will signify the introduction of assassins into the storyline. Larys and his tongueless cronies appeared in the latest episode and the historically significant dagger does take its name from the fact that a hired assassin used it to kill an important person (Bran Stark) in its first appearance.

All of this is to say that the tension is building in House of the Dragon as we inch closer and closer to the Dance of the Dragons.

It looks like it will be an agonizing wait between now and Sunday, October 2, as we have to begrudgingly exercise our patience as wait to find out more of what's coming next in House of the Dragon.

Trailer House Of The Dragon Episode
Despite already knowing how House of the Dragon will end, there's no denying the excitement of watching things unfold.

If it's any consolation, viewers won't have to worry if House of the Dragon will stick around for a while. Despite the complaints of the show "rushing" its events, House of the Dragon is expected to be around for at least two more seasons. HBO has already confirmed the next season and it appears that the third one is all but a formality after Matt Smith mentioned it in passing.

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