Part of the trailer for live-action adaptation of Uncharted has leaked online

A Twitter user has just posted what appears to be leaked footage from Tom Holland's upcoming Uncharted movie.

Several installments of the Uncharted franchise are part of the best-selling games for the PS3 and PS4. Thus, it was only a matter of time before Sony decided to make a live-action adaptation of the series, which is reportedly set to release on February 18, 2022. However, we know very few details about the upcoming Uncharted film, which stars Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, so fans are wondering if the film is ever going to be released soon.

Audiences are now expecting Sony to release the full movie trailer immediately.

With that said, someone on Twitter has taken it upon themselves to release a portion of the Uncharted trailer.

Is Sony going to release the official Uncharted trailer soon?

The teaser trailer for the Uncharted movie includes clips of a set piece that was inspired by the games. In particular, the leaked sequence is fairly similar to Uncharted 3: Drake Deception's Stowaway chapter, which Naughty Dog showed off early at Gamescom 2011 and PAX Prime. However, while the trailer does evoke imagery from the games, the film's story is self-contained. Instead of a literal adaptation of the plot of the series, the Holland-led movie is a prequel that will follow a younger Nathan Drake learning from Victor Sullivan, who is played by Mark Wahlberg.

The Uncharted movie is a big deal for PlayStation Productions. This will serve as the studio's first feature film after it was founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In addition to landing big-name actors for the lead roles, PlayStation Productions also tapped Ruben Fleischer, who previously worked on 2018's Venom and both Zombieland films, to direct Uncharted.

The leak's poor quality is reportedly due to it being stealthily filmed from one of Sony's organized screenings.

It will be interesting to see how Sony responds to the leak. There's a huge chance that Sony will release the trailer, if only to prevent further leaks.

With that said, Sony has a big year ahead of itself. In addition to the premiere of Uncharted on February 18, 2022, Sony is also preparing to release Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection in early 2022 for the PS5 and the PC. Santa Monica Studio's God of War is also set to arrive on the PC around the same time. Meanwhile, PlayStation Productions has its hands full with The Last of Us HBO TV series.

On top of all of this, PlayStation Productions is expected to release a live-action Ghost of Tsushima movie and a Twisted Metal TV series in the next few years.

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