Toys for Bob could be working on a new Spyro game

It looks like Crash Bandicoot isn't the only classic PlayStation mascot set that's getting a new game.

toys for bob new spyro
Spyro is long overdue a new game and we're actually surprised it's taken Activision Blizzard this long to take advantage of this once-best-selling franchise.

It's hard to believe it but Spyro is turning 25 this year. The only reason the casual gamer would probably know is because of Toys For Bob, who is teasing a potential new Spyro game in celebration of Pete's 25th birthday.

Toys For Bob recently released a photo on Twitter featuring a collage of familiar faces with the caption, "Big moves and BIG MOOD for 2023 #LifeatTFB." Although this could just be nothing (and it probably still is), fans believe that this is Toys For Bob's way of hinting at a new Spyro game. You can see the purple dragon flying on the top left side of the photo with the icon "25th", which refers to the franchise's 25th anniversary.

With at least three-quarters of the year until Spyro actually turns 25 (the first Spyro game came out on September 9, 1998, for the PSOne), we have a long wait ahead of us.

Outside of Insomniac Games, which made the first there Spyro games, Toys for Bob is the most qualified developer to work on a new Spyro game. The Activision Blizzard subsidiary has been working closely with Spyro for over a decade, starting with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, which came out in 2011. Also, in case you're wondering, Sony doesn't own the rights to Spyro (nor Crash Bandicoot) and it never did. Sony just happens to own both Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games, the studios behind Crash Bandicoot and Naughty Dog, respectively.

toys for bob new spyro
Spyro could desperately use a game like Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.

Aside from supporting whatever Call of Duty game is out at the moment, Toys for Bob is currently working on Crash Team Rumble, which is due to be released later this year. Fingers crossed, a new Spyro game is on the menu after the multiplayer online battle arena video game is on the market.

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