Top Builds for Zhongli in Genshin Impact

Zhongli is a five-star geo character that is a great addition to your team as a support. Zhongli used to be one of the weakest five-star characters when he was first released. However, after Mihoyo patched Zhongli, he became one of the strongest Sub-DPS and support characters in the game.

Zhongli’s Talents

Zhongli's Talents focus on giving shield to his allies and Geo damage on his enemies. Below are the talents and skills of Zhongli.

Rain of Stone

Rain of Stone is Zhongli's normal attack pattern.

Rain of Stone is Zhongli's normal, charged, and plunge attacks. His charged attacks use stamina and summons Stone Spears while attacking.

Dominus Lapidis

Activating Dominus Lapidis will summon a Stone Stele.

Dominus Lapidis is Zhongli's Elemental skill. Pressing this skill will summon a Geo Pillar called the Stone Stele. The Stone Stele will last for 30 seconds, dealing Geo damage on surrounding enemies. You can also use the Stone Stele to climb up and reach high places. The Stone Stele will also resonate with other Geo constructs, making him great with other Geo characters like Albedo and the Geo Traveler.

If you hold the elemental skill, Zhongli will destroy surrounding Geo energies. The skill will also create a Stone Stele and give you a shield. The scaling of the shield is based on Zhongli's maximum HP.  The shield will absorb 150% elemental and physical damage. Any character protected by the shield will also decrease the elemental resistance and physical resistance of surrounding opponents.

Planet Befall

Zhongli uses a meteor to petrify his enemies.

Planet Befall is Zhongli's Elemental Burst and using this will summon a meteor that will deal Geo damage on your enemies. Aside from this, the meteor will petrify your opponents. Petrified opponents will not be able to move.

Resonant Waves

Resonant Waves increase the strength of your shield by 15%.

Resonant Waves is the 1st Ascension Phase passive of Zhongli. Unlocking this will give the fortify effect on shielded characters. Fortify will increase the Shield strength of the Jade Shield by 5%.

Dominance of Earth

You can unlock the Dominance of Earth passive on Ascension Phase 4.

One of the most powerful passives that Zhongli has is the Dominance of Earth. You can unlock this passive on Ascension Phase 4. This passive will let Zhongli deal bonus damage based on his Max HP. Because of this passive, Zhongli can deal more damage when he has a lot of HP. The damage of his attacks will increase by 1.39%, scaling off his Max HP.

Dominus Lapidis will also increase the damage of the Stone Stele by 1.9% of his maximum HP. Lastly, Planet Befall will deal an additional 33% damage based on Zhongli's Max HP.

Arcanum of Crystal

Arcanum Crystal is the utility passive of Zhongli. 

Whenever you are using Zhongli for crafting Polearm weapons, 15% of the ores you use will be refunded to you.

Best Builds for Zhongli

Zhongli can be used as a support or DPS. For the support build, you want to focus on increasing the strength of the Jade Shield. For the DPS, you have the option to go for Geo or Physical damage build.

Support Build Weapons

Staff of Homa

The Staff of Homa gives you the Reckless Cinnabar effect.

The Staff of Homa is a five-star polearm that can be obtained from Wishes. This weapon has a secondary stat type of CRIT Damage and gives the Reckless Cinnabar effect. The Reckless Cinnabar increases your HP by 20% and will give an attack bonus based on the character's maximum HP. The attack bonus will increase by 1% whenever the character is below 50% HP.

Prototype Starglitter

Prototype Starglitter is a four-star craftable weapon for Zhongli.

The Prototype Starglitter is a craftable weapon that has an Energy Recharge Substat. This four-star weapon has the Magic Affinity effect, which increases your normal and charged attack damage by 8% whenever you use an Elemental Skill. Below are the required materials to forge this weapon.

  • 1 x Northlander Polearm Billet
  • 50 x Crystal Chunk
  • 50 x White Iron Chunk
  • 500 x Mora

Black Tassel

The Black Tassel is a good weapon for Zhongli despite being a 3-star because of its HP sub stat.

You may be surprised to find a three-star weapon as a recommendation for Zhongli. However, this three-star weapon has an HP sub stat, which makes it great for Zhongli. You can also obtain this weapon simply by talking to Orban, the Weaponsmith.

DPS Build Weapons

Skyward Spine

The Skyward Spine increases Zhongli's AoE damage and energy recharge.

The Skyward Spine is another five-star weapon that is great for Zhongli. This weapon has an energy recharge sub-stat and gives you the Black Wing effect. The Black Wing effect will increase the CRIT rate of your character by 8%. This effect also increases the attack speed of your normal attacks by 12%.

Whenever you use normal and charged attacks, you have a 59% chance to summon a vacuum blade that uses 40% of your attack as extra damage on surrounding enemies.


The deathmatch can be obtained by buying the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact.

Deathmatch is a four-star weapon that is a great choice if you are building Zhongli as a DPS. This four-star weapon will increase your attack and defense by 16% if there are two or more enemies nearby. If there is only one enemy, the weapon will increase your attack by 24%.

Zhongli’s Artifact Set

When it comes to sub stats, you should focus on getting HP for Zhongli. Zhongli's geo damage bonus and shield scale off his HP, making artifacts with HP sub stat great for him.

2 Archaic Petra / 2 Noblesse Oblige

The Archaic Petra set increases your Geo damage by 15%.

If you want to build Zhongli as a Geo Damage support, you can use two pieces of Archaic Petra and two Noblesse Oblige. Two pieces of Archaic Petra will give you a Geo Damage Bonus of 15%. Adding two pieces of Noblesse Oblige will increase Zhongli's Elemental burst by 20%, making it great for a Geo Sub DPS build.

4 Tenacity of Millelith

The Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set will increase your maximum HP.

The Tenacity of Millelith is one of the newer artifact sets added into the game. You can obtain this artifact set on the Ridge Watch domain. Two pieces of this set will increase your HP by 20%. Four pieces of Tenacity of Millelith will increase the ATK of all surrounding party members by 20% whenever an elemental skill hits an enemy.

The shield strength of surrounding party members will also increase by 30% whenever your elemental skill hits an enemy. The effect can happen every 0.5 seconds.

Talent Upgrade Materials

Daily Domain Drops every Wed/Sat/Sun

The Teachings of Gold will level up Zhongli's talents.
  • Teachings of Gold
  • Guide to Gold
  • Philosophies of Gold

Slime Drops

Defeating Slime enemies will give you Slime Condensate.
  • Slime Condensate
  • Slime Secretions
  • Slime Concentrate

Childe Challenge Reward

You can get the Tusk of Monoceros Caeli in the Golden House Domain. 
  • Tusk of Monoceros Caeli

Ascension Materials

Ascending Zhongli will remove his level cap.


  • 3 Cor Lapis
  • 1 Prithiva Topaz Sliver
  • 3 Slime Condensate


  • 10 Cor Lapis
  • 3 Prithiva Topaz Fragment
  • 15 Slime Condensate
  • 2 Basalt Pillar


  • 20 Cor Lapis
  • 6 Prithiva Topaz Fragment
  • 12 Slime Secretions
  • 4 Basalt Pillar


  • 30 Cor Lapis
  • 3 Prithiva Topaz Chunk
  • 18 Slime Secretions
  • 8 Basalt Pillar


  • 45 Cor Lapis
  • 6 Prithiva Topaz Chunk
  • 12 Slime Concentrate
  • 12 Basalt Pillar


  • 60 Cor Lapis
  • 6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone
  • 24 Slime Concentrate
  • 20 Basalt Pillar

Team Compositions

Zhongli uses a Meteor in his Elemental Burst.

Double Geo

Having two Geo Characters in your team will increase the strength of Zhongli's shield. 

Zhongli works well with another Geo character like Albedo. Two Geo characters will create the Enduring Rock elemental resonance which increases the strength of your shield by 15%. The resonance will also increase your damage by 15% and hitting enemies will lower their resistance to Geo damage by 20%. You can add Fischl and Xingqiu to this team to create an Electro-charged reaction, which helps with energy recharge.

Superconduct Team

Adding Zhongli to Ganyu's team will give her more survivability on the field.

Zhongli also works well with Ganyu and Diona. Ganyu is a great DPS but she can be susceptible to attacks. Adding Zhongli's shield can help her stay in the field for longer, dealing extra damage. Diona can work as your healer and Fischl will create a superconduct reaction, giving you extra AoE damage.

Double Pyro

Having two pyro characters in your team will increase your attack by 25%.

Having two Pyro characters and two Geo characters on your team will help you dish out the maximum damage due to the elemental resonance. Albedo and Zhongli will act as damage supports and Bennett will act as your healer. You can either add Xinyan or Xiangling for your main DPS. Xiangling can help you get Energy Recharge so you can constantly use your skills.


Tartaglia and Xiangling as shown in Zhongli's Trailer.

Zhongli is a powerful five-star character that is great as a support or a sub-DPS. He creates geo constructs that your characters can climb on, and he gives powerful shields to your characters. His geo damage bonus and shields are based on his HP, which is why you should focus on the HP Sub stat when building him.

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