Top Builds for Kujou Sara in Genshin Impact

Kujou Sara is a 4-star Electro character that first arrived to Genshin Impact in patch 2.1. She is a loyal subordinate to the Raiden Shogun and has great military prowess. Kujou Sara is a great addition to your team as an Electro Sub-DPS. Aside from being an Electro Sub-DPS, Kujou Sara can also provide an attack buff, making her a great alt to Bennett for your team.

Kujou Sara’s Talents

Kujou Sara calls upon the power of the Tengu.

Kujou Sara can provide an attack buff for your teammates. Her elemental burst can also apply the Electro damage to nearby enemies, making her a great elemental reaction enabler.

Tengu Bowmanship

Kujou Sara's charged attack becomes infused with the Electro element.

Tengu Bowmanship is Kujou Sara's normal, charged, and pungling attacks. She can perform 5 consecutive normal attacks. Performing a charged attack will allow you to manipulate the direction of the arrow more precisely. Holding Kujou Sara's charged attack for a few seconds will infuse your charged attack with the Electro element, dealing Electro damage to any enemies hit by Kujou Sara's arrow.

Tengu Stormcall

Tengu Stormcall allows Kujou Sara to reposition in a fight.

Kujou Sara is a bow user, making her vulnerable to most enemy attacks. Tengu Stormcall is the elemental skill that allows her to reposition herself while on the battlefield. After retreating, Sara summons Crowfeather's protection. She will get Crowfeather protection for 18 seconds. When Kujou Sara performs a fully charged attack, the Crowfeather will leave a mark at the location.

After a few seconds, the Crowfeather will activate Tengu Juurai: Ambush and deal Electro damage to nearby enemies. The Crowfeather will also give an attack bonus to any character inside the Crowfeather's range. The attack bonus that will be given to your characters is based on Kujou Sara's attack.

Subjugation: Koukou Sendou

This skill applies AoE Electro damage on surrounding enemies.

Subjugation: Koukou Sendou is Kujou Sara's elemental burst. Activating this will cast Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker. It will deal an AoE electro damage to nearby enemies and can spread outward 4 times, dealing Electro damage to any enemy on its way. Her elemental burst can also trigger the attack damage buff on your characters, but the effect cannot stack with the same skill.

Immovable Will

This passive allows you to perform more charged attacks in a shorter period.

Immovable Will is Kujou Sara's passive that is unlocked at Ascension Phase 1. Whenever you have the Crowfeather's Cover, you will have a decreased charged attack time by up to 60%.


Unlocking this passive makes Kujou Sara a great battery for your team.

Decorum is a passive that can be unlocked on Ascension Phase 4. Hitting enemies with Tengu Juurai: Ambush will restore your party member's energy by 1.2 every 100% of Kujou Sara's total energy recharge. You can trigger this effect every 3 seconds.

Land Survey

Kujou Sara has a decreased exploration time in Inazuma.

Land Survey is Kujou Sara's utility passive. Using Kujou Sara on Inazuma Expeditions will reduce her expedition duration by up to 25%.

Best Build for Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara works best as support or sub-DPS character.

Kujou Sara works best with a weapon that can amplify her attack or provide extra energy recharge. This is because the attack buff she gives is based on her base attack.

Sub-DPS Weapons

Skyward Harp

The Skyward Harp is a 5-star bow that has a CRIT Rate substat.

The Skyward Harp is a 5-star bow that can be obtained through Wishes. This bow has a CRIT Rate stat and gives the effect called Echoing Ballad. This effect will increase your CRIT damage by 20%. Every time you hit an opponent, you have a 60% chance to generate a small AoE attack, causing 125% Physical attack damage that can occur every 4 seconds.

Alley Hunter

The Alley Hunter is a 4-star weapon that you can obtain through wishes.

The Alley Hunter is a 4-star weapon that you can get from Weapon Event wishes. This bow has an attack sub-stat and gives you the effect called Oppidan Ambush. This effect will increase the damage of your character by 2% every second that they are not on the field. You can get this effect stacked up to 20%. Once you put the character on the field their damage buff will decrease by 4% every second while they are on the field until it reaches 0.

Support Weapon

Elegy for the End

The Elegy for the End bow gives your party members an additional attack bonus.

The Elegy for the End is a 5-star bow from the Millennial Movement Series. This bow has an energy recharge substat that gives you the effect called The Parting Refrain. It increases your elemental mastery by 60. Whenever your elemental skill or elemental burst hits opponents, you will get a sigil of remembrance. You can get up to 4 sigils at a time.  When you get 4 sigils, you will trigger the effect called Millennial Movement: Farewell Song. This effect will give 100 Elemental Mastery and a 20% attack increase to all nearby party members.

You can get a sigil every 0.2 seconds and you can trigger this effect even when you are not on the field. After consuming 4 sigils of remembrance, you cannot get a sigil for 20 seconds, giving it a 20-second cooldown. You cannot have the same buff type triggered at the same time.

Sacrificial Bow

The Sacrificial Bow is a 4-star bow that has an Energy Recharge substat.

If you would like a 4-star bow alternative, you can use the Sacrificial Bow. Just like the Elegy for the End, this bow has an energy recharge substat. The bow gives you the effect called Composed. Whenever you deal damage to an enemy using your elemental skill, you will have a 40% chance for that elemental skill's cooldown to end. This effect has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Kujou Sara’s Artifact Set

When it comes to Kujou Sara's artifact Sub-stat, your priority will be Atk%, Electro Damage, and CRIT Rate.

4 pcs. Thundering Fury

Using the thundering fury artifact set can increase the Electro damage of Kujou Sara.

If you would like to build Kujou Sara as a sub-DPS, you can go for 4 pcs. of Thundering Fury. This will maximize the damage of her elemental burst and Electro charged attacks. Equipping 2 pcs. of this set will give you a 15% Electro damage bonus. When you equip 4 pcs. of this set, the damage of Overload, Superconduct, and Electro-charged elemental reactions will increase by 40%.

The cooldown of your elemental skill will also decrease whenever you trigger an Electro elemental reaction. This effect can only happen once every 0.8 seconds. You can get this artifact set at the Midsummer Courtyard.

4 pcs. Noblesse Oblige

The Noblesse Oblige artifact set is great if you would like to focus on Kujou Sara's attack buff.

If you would like to focus more on Kujou Sara's buff and support skills, you can use 4 pcs. of Noblesse Oblige to amplify her attack buff and burst at the same time. Equipping 2 pcs. of this artifact will increase the damage of your elemental burst by 20%. Equipping 4 pcs. of this artifact set will increase your party member's attack by 20% whenever you use your elemental burst. The effect duration lasts for 12 seconds.

4 pcs. Emblem of Severed Fate

The Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set focuses on increasing your Energy Recharge.

You can also use 4 pieces of the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set on Kujou Sara. This artifact set will give you 20% Energy recharge. Equipping 4 pieces of this set will increase your elemental burst by 25% depending on your Energy Recharge. You can get up to 75% bonus damage using this buff. This artifact set can be obtained on the Momiji-Dyed Court domain.

Talent Upgrade Materials

Daily Domain Drops every Tuesday/Friday/Sunday

You can get the Teachings of Elegance material every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Teachings of Elegance
  • Guide to Elegance
  • Philosophies of Elegance

Hilichurl drops

The damaged mask material is dropped by Hilichurl enemies.
  • Damaged Mask
  • Stained Mask
  • Ominous Mask

La Signora Boss Drops

You can get the Ashen Heart by defeating the weekly boss called La Signora.
  • Ashen Heart

Ascension Materials

Ascending Kujou Sara will remove her Level cap and increase her overall attack.


  • 1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver
  • 3 Damaged Mask
  • 3 Dendrobium


  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • 15 Damaged Mask
  • 10 Dendrobium
  • 2 Storm Beads


  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • 12 Stained Mask
  • 20 Dendrobium
  • 4 Storm Beads


  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • 18 Stained Mask
  • 30 Dendrobium
  • 8 Storm Beads


  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • 12 Ominous Mask
  • 45 Dendrobium
  • 12 Storm Beads


  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone
  • 24 Ominous Mask
  • 60 Dendrobium
  • 20 Storm Beads

Team Compositions

Kujou Sara works best as support and enabler for the team. Having a Hydro character in your team allows you to deal huge AoE damage to your enemies.

Hydro-Electro Team

Tartaglia can quickly spread the Hydro element among enemies.

One of the best characters you can pair with Kujou Sara is Childe or Tartaglia. He is a hydro Main DPS that can benefit from Kujou Sara's attack buff. Childe can also immediately apply Hydro to multiple enemies, increasing your AoE damage to them. You can also add Beidou or the Raiden Shogun in this team composition. Raiden Shogun can give you consistent Energy Recharge while Beidou can act as your Sub-DPS. Xingqiu will be your healer and support for this team.

Budget-Friendly Team

Kujou Sara can increase the attack of Kaeya and the Traveler.

You can also create a free-to-play team with Kujou Sara by adding Kaeya to your team. He will act as your main DPS, alongside Kujou Sara. You can also use the Anemo Traveler to spread the Swirl Elemental Reaction using your skill. Barbara will act as your Hydro enabler and healer for your team. You can also use Kokomi instead of Barbara if you would like a more powerful healer and support.

Electro-Anemo Team

This team composition has two healers, which are Xingqiu and Jean.

This team composition requires fast rotations and constant switching on the field. You can add Fischl to your team alongside Kujou Sara to get the double Electro resonance which can give you Electro Elemental particles. You can also add Xingqiu and Jean to your team. Xingqiu will act as your Hydro enabler while Jean can spread the Swirl reaction to your enemies. These two characters are great healers as well.


Kujou Sara can increase the attack damage of your team.

Kujou Sara is a 4-star Electro character that focuses on giving her team an attack buff while inflicting Electro damage to enemies. Her skills make her a great support off-field. Kujou Sara can also act as a Sub-DPS that has a focus on charged attacks. Her elemental skill allows her to quickly reposition and avoid the attacks of her enemies. Pairing her with Hydro characters like Xingqiu and Childe can give you constant Electro-charged elemental reactions.

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