Top Builds for Beidou in Genshin Impact

So you want to build Beidou? Well, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through Beidou's Talents, and the most suitable weapons and artifacts for Beidou. This article will also guide you on building the best team composition for Beidou. Beidou is an electro character that you can get via wishes in Genshin Impact.

You can also get Beidou in Paimon's Bargains. She also became available during the Stand By Me event, which lets you choose between any four-star characters that you like. Beidou uses the Claymore and works well as a tank and as a support DPS character.

Beidou's Talents

You can call Beidou the Ultimate Counter character. Her skillset gives her the ability to deal damage by countering the attacks of your enemy.


Oceanborne is the name for Beidou's normal and charged attacks.

Oceanborne is the normal, charge and plunge attack of Beidou. She performs five consecutive strikes and her charged attack drains mana to perform continuous attacks. She also performs a powerful slash at the end. Her plunge attack strikes the ground below, plunging from mid-air and damaging any enemies on impact.


Tidecaller is the elemental counter skill of Beidou.

Tidecaller is Beidou's Elemental Skill. Pressing the elemental skill button will let her accumulate the power of lightning and deal electro damage when she wings her blade. Holding the button causes her to lift her weapon as a shield and absorb damage. When you release the button or the skill ends, Beidou deals Electro DMG on the enemy.

The Shield absorbs Electro DMG more efficiently by 250% and it also applies the electro element on Beidou when you activate the shield. The shield DMG absorption is 14.4% of her Maximum HP +1386. Depending on the number of times you get hit, you get a 160% DMG Bonus on Hit taken, so it is best if you get hit at least twice before releasing the skill or before the skill duration ends.


Stormbreaker is the Ultimate or Elemental Burst skill of Beidou.

Stormbreaker is Beidou's Elemental Burst, activating this skill creates electro lighting that can bounce off enemies. This skill makes Beidou Great for Abyss Floor number 12 specifically because there are only two enemies, making the electro charge constantly bounce off each other and deal constant Damage over Time. Activating the Stormbreaker also increases your character's resistance to interrupt and reduces the DMG you receive.


Retribution is a level 1 Passive skill of Beidou.

Retribution can be unlocked at level 1, and counterattacking with Tidecaller at the exact moment before you get hit will give you a damage bonus.

Leviathan's Protection

Leviathan's Protection or Lightning Storm is the passive unlocked on Ascension Level 4.

This passive can be unlocked on Ascension Level 4. When you activate Tidecaller while it has a maximum DMG Bonus, your normal and charged attack speed and DMG are increased by 15%. This passive also reduces delays when you do Charged Attacks.

Conqueror of Tides

Conqueror of Tides is a passive of Beidou that is unlocked automatically.

This passive is unlocked automatically, and it decreases your party's Stamina Consumption whenever you are swimming by 20%.

Best Builds for Beidou

There are two main ways you can build Beidou, one is her as a main Electro DPS and another as a support DPS. Ultimately, Beidou works well with Electro DMG instead of Physical DMG,

Electro DPS Weapons

Wolf's Gravestone

Wolf's Gravestone is the best weapon for Main DPS Beidou.

Wolf's Gravestone is ultimately the best weapon for Beidou in general. This weapon is great for both Main DPS and Support DPS Beidou because it increases the ATK% of Beidou immensely. It increases your ATK by 20% and if you attack an enemy with less than 30% HP, it also increases your party member's ATK by 40% every 12 seconds.

The Unforged

The Unforged is the second-best weapon for Main DPS Beidou.

The Unforged is another five-star weapon that works well for Beidou. This weapon works similar to Wolf's Gravestone except you need to be protected by a shield before you can activate the attack increase effect. It also increases your shield strength by 20% and hitting enemies will increase your ATK by 4%. While the shield is activated, your ATK is increased by 100%.

Serpent Spine

Serpent Spine is a good four-star weapon choice for Beidou.

If you are looking for a four-star weapon for Beidou, Serpent Spine is the answer. The stacking effect of the Serpent Spine synergizes well with Beidou as the main DPS. Every 4 seconds when you are on the field, your character will deal 6% more damage and take 3% more damage. Taking damage as Beidou is great and can help increase your overall electro damage Beidou.

Support Counter DPS Weapons

Skyward Pride

Skyward Pride is the best weapon for a support DPS Beidou.

If you are playing Beidou as a Support DPS, Skyward Pride would be the best choice for her weapon. The five-star weapon increases your DMG by 8%. After casting an Elemental Burst or any attack, you get the Vacuum Blade effect that deals 80% ATK DMG to your opponents, making it great for AoE damage.

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Lithic Blade

Lithic Blade is a good four-star weapon choice for support DPS Beidou.

Lithic Blade is not as great as Skyward Pride or Wolf's Gravestone in terms of damage. However, this four-star claymore works well in increasing Beidou's overall ATK and CRIT rate. For every party member coming from Liyue, the character who equips the Lithic Blade will have a 7% ATK increase and a 3% CRIT Rate increase.

Beidou's Artifact Set

Beidou can be played in a lot of ways, and her Artifact Set combination is flexible and versatile. Ultimately, it all comes down to how you would like to play Beidou in your team.

2 Thundering Fury/2 Noblesse Oblige/2 Gladiator's Triumph

2 Thundering Fury and 2 Noblesse Oblige work well with Attack Stacking weapons.

A combination of 2 Thundering Fury or 2 Noblesse Oblige will give you increased DMG on Beidou. You can also choose 2 Noblesse Oblige or 2 Gladiator's Triumph, any combination of these three sets would do good in increasing Beidou's substats. If you have Constellation 2 Beidou, you can run 2 Noblesse and 2 Gladiators.

If your Beidou is under Constellation 2, you can run 2 Thundering Fury and 2 Gladiator's Triumph. If you have an ATK% weapon, you can run the 2 Thundering Fury and 2 Noblesse Oblige combo. You can get the Thundering Fury in the Midsummer Courtyard. The Noblesse Oblige artifact set can be found on the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern. The Gladiator's set can be dropped by Normal and Weekly Bosses on World Level 2.

4 Thundering Fury

Thundering Fury is a good artifact set for a Main DPS Build Beidou.

If you would like to make Beidou your main carry, you can use this set. However, you would need to create a team that will enable Beidou to constantly proc her elemental reactions. The set aims to reduce your cooldown, improve your energy recharge rate and improve your DPS. This build works well with a Xingqiu-Beidou team composition that we will discuss below. You can find this artifact set on the Midsummer Courtyard domain.

4 Thundersoother

Thundersoother set is also a good choice for Beidou that focuses on Electro elemental reactions.

The Thundersoother set may pale in comparison to the Gladiator's Triumph/Thundering Fury/Noblesse Oblige combo when it comes to consistency, but you can make this set work if you have an electro-focused team. To consistently deal more damage, you have to learn the skills and rotation of your party members inside out. The Thundersoother can also be found on the Midsummer Courtyard domain.

Talent Upgrade Materials

Leveling up your character's talents can increase your overall DMG Output when using Beidou.

Enemy Drops/Treasure Hoarders

The Treasurer Hoarder Insignia is one of Beidou's Talent Upgrade materials.
  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • Silver Raven Insignia
  • Golden Raven Insignia

Domain Drops every Wednesday/Friday/Sunday.

Teachings of Gold is another domain drop that you need for Beidou.
  • Teachings of Gold
  • Guide to Gold
  • Philosophies of Gold

Dvalin Boss Drop

Dvalin's Sigh is a boss drop that is needed for upgrading the talents of your characters.
  • Dvalin's Sigh

Ascension Materials

Upgrading Beidou to C2 increases her damage immensely.

Ascending your character can remove the level cap as well as unlock talent upgrades. Below are the Ascension materials for Beidou in Genshin Impact.


  • 1 Vajrada Amethyst Silver
  • 3 Noctilucous Jade
  • 3 Treasurer Hoarder Insignia


  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • 2 Lightning Prism
  • 10 Noctilucous Jade
  • 15 Treasurer Hoarder Insignia


  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • 4 Lightning Prism
  • 20 Noctilucous Jade
  • 12 Silver Raven Insignia


  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • 8 Lightning Prism
  • 30 Noctilucous Jade
  • 18 Silver Raven Insignia


  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • 12 Golden Raven Insignia
  • 45 Noctilucous Jade
  • 12 Lightning Prism


  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone
  • 20 Lightning Prism
  • 60 Noctilucous Jade
  • 24 Golden Raven Insignia

Team Compositions

While there is no right way to build Beidou, she has great synergy with characters like Xingqiu and Fischl, so if you have those characters, it might be a good idea to put them in your team alongside Beidou.

Electro-focused Main DPS

Beidou and Xingqiu have a great synergy together.

The Electro-focused Main DPS team puts Beidou as your main DPS with Fischl and Xingqiu as Sub-DPS. For the fourth slot, you can choose any character you would like, a healer like Qiqi would do well too to increase your survivability during fights. However, adding another DPS character is possible as well because you have the reduced damage taken from Beidou's passive as well as Xingqiu as support.

Superconduct Team

You can also use Beidou and Fischl to create a Superconduct-focused team.

Another Beidou Main DPS team consists of Beidou, Fischl, and Diona/Kaeya/ Ganyu for the third slot. This team focuses on superconduct elemental reaction and shredding your enemy's resistance. The third slot is flexible between the three as we only need an elemental conductor to start the reaction. The fourth slot is also versatile and you can even put Bennett to improve your overall damage.

Support DPS Beidou

Adding Beidou to Childe's Team improves your survivability and damage.

Beidou shines extremely well as a support DPS character and one of the team compositions that make Beidou shine is pairing her with Childe. These two characters do extremely well in dealing with AoE damage. Childe will work as the main DPS, Beidou will be the support DPS, and you can add Fischl as another Sub-DPS. The last slot can be flexed for a healer or another support DPS.


Beidou on the Abyss Floor 12 with a support DPS build.

Beidou is a four-star character that deals an insane amount of AoE damage when built correctly. She also has one of the most versatile builds. You can use her as a main DPS or a support DPS for your team. The most suitable weapon for the main DPS Beidou is Wolf's Gravestone, and a support DPS Beidou works well with the Skyward Pride.

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