Top Bond Skills In Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers is a spin-off game that uses ARPG combat style and lets you explore the Jail with the Phantom Thieves. Each party member has individual skills, but another set of perks called Bond Skills can also be unlocked for additional damage and utility. These Bond Skills can also be unlocked by winning battles using experience points.

Aside from boosting your damage, Bond Skills can also help speed up your progress and improve survivability during battles. Some trophies can be unlocked when you max out all Bond Skills in the game. Below are some of the most essential Bond Skills you need to get as soon as the mode is unlocked.

1. Bondmaker

The Bondmaker increases the Bond Points you get during battles.

Bondmaker is one of the most important Bond Skills you should unlock in Persona 5 Strikers. Unlocking Bond Skills requires Bond Points. You can get Bond Points during battles, however, it can feel like you're not earning enough in the beginning. Bondmaker improves the Bond Points drop you get after battles to help you unlock more Bond Skills.

The Bondmaker can also help you progress through the game faster. Getting more Bond Points means that you can unlock other Bond Skills faster.

2. Extortionist

The entrance of Joker during the opening cutscene of Persona 5 Strikers.

Another Bond Skill that can help improve your economy is the Extortionist. This Bond Skill improves your item drop rate in battles and lets you gain more money. Saving up on money early on can help you skip the hassle of saving up for the accessories you need during the Sapporo Storyline. You will need to buy the necessary accessories during this storyline so it is better to save up as soon as you can.

3. Ambusher

Ambushing your enemy gives your team an opportunity to strike first.

One of the first mechanics that the game introduces you to, during the first jail fights, is the Ambush mechanic. This mechanic allows you to ambush enemies and gain an advantage. Ambusher Bond Skill heals the HP of your party members whenever you perform an Ambush on your enemies.

4. Oracle Recovery

Unlocking the Oracle Recovery heals your party members after a fight.

Oracle Recovery is a utility Bond Skill that heals your party members' HP and SP after a battle. This skill is important because it lets you explore the Jail for longer and save up on healing items. Combine this with Ambusher and you would not need to worry about using a lot of healing Items when you go to Jail.

5. Joker’s Wild

Joker is the Protagonist of Persona 5 Strikers.

Joker is the protagonist in Persona 5 Strikers and his special ability is the ability to use multiple Personas at once. Having a variety of personas can help you overcome any battle. Joker's Wild is a bond skill that increases the drop rate of Joker's Masks. You can use these masks in battles or fuse them to become new Personas.

How to Unlock Bond Skills

Panther or Ann Takamaki has a persona called Carmen.

Your Bond Skills are automatically unlocked as soon as you unlock the mechanic. You can access and activate the additional perks in the Bond Option Under the Command Menu. You can unlock more skills if you upgrade them using Bond Points. You will also need to increase your Bond Level.

How to Increase your Bond Level

There are multiple ways you can increase your Bond Level. We recommend unlocking the Bond Skill called Bondmaker (see the top of this list) so that you can gain more Bond Points during battles.

Complete the Story

Futaba in the Opening scene of Persona 5 Strikers.

Completing and Progressing through the story can help increase your Bond Level fast. Certain points in the game's story will automatically boost your Bond Level once you complete them.


You have multiple party members to choose from when exploring the Jail.

Engaging enemies and participating in battles gives you Bond Points. Once you unlock the Bondmaker skill, you can gain more Bond Points during battles. Whenever you are exploring the Jail, try to clear as many enemies as possible so that you can increase your Bond Level.

Party Member Request

You can explore the city and complete member Requests to increase your Bond Level.

Your Party Members will request specific items or sometimes ask you to talk to specific NPCs. Accepting and completing these requests can give you experience points and increase your Bond Level. You can also replay these requests to max out your Bond Level quickly.


Queen or Makoto has a persona called Johanna that deals Nuclear Damage.

The Bond Skills in Persona 5 Strikers are a great way to improve your party's stats and provide Utility Skills to your team. The most essential Bond Skills you need to unlock first are the Bondmaker and Extortionist. These skills give you more Bond Points and money to help you progress through the game. You can increase your Bond Level by defeating enemies and doing requests.

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