The Top 5 Cutest Pokemon

By default, most Pokemon are cute. However, there are a few of them that are streaks ahead of the others in the cuteness department. There are almost 900 Pokemon and below is the list of the five Pokemon that rule them all for being the most adorable.

Joltik – The Smallest Pokemon (#5)

Joltik, by technical definition, is the cutest Pokemon because of its size. Joltik is only four (4) inches tall, the smallest Pokemon to date. It is not only by its size per se that Joltik is considered cute. Joltik’s yellow fur and mesmerizing blue eyes are physical characteristics that make it cute too. Joltik’s mandibles, that look like part of its fur, only add to its overall cuteness.

Joltik is both a Bug and Electric Pokemon. It relies on others to generate electricity by attaching to them, as it cannot produce on its own. Its favorite Pokemon to stick is Yamper. It is safe to assume that Joltik is probably a parasite like a tick, but it sure looks cute and vulnerable.

Ninetales - The Most Beautiful Pokemon (#4)

One of Generation I Pokemon, Ninetales' design has survived the test of time. It is also one of the Pokemon that has the longest lifespans, as it can live up to 1,000 years. Foxy and elegant, Ninetales looks great at every angle with its thick and pale gold fur. Its regional variant, the blue and wavy furred Ninetales in the Alola region, retains its cuteness while being wildly different in appearance from the original one.

Ninetales enjoys a god-like status in the Pokemon world which is not far-fetched given how stunning it is to look at. It is one of the smartest and also the most vindictive Pokemon.

Pikachu - The "Boring" Choice (#3)

Mentioning the term Pokemon to those who do not follow the Pokemon franchise closely will have Pikachu pop up as the first image in their minds. Pikachu is a chubby electric Pokemon with yellow fur. It has red cheeks which add to the cuteness of the Pokemon. The same red cheeks also house the pouch for electric storage. Pikachu's ear tips are colored black and it has a lightning-shaped tail with a patch of brown.

Pikachu has been one of, if not the, most popular Pokemon for the longest time. It has this staying power because of how cute it looks, and it being the Ash's first Pokemon. In fact, adding Ash's red-and-white cap catapulted Pikachu as the undisputed royalty of cuteness that at various points in time has exceeded the Pokemon brand itself.

Cubchoo - Ice Ice Baby Pokemon (#2)

This bear-like Pokemon has mucus clinging on its nose. Yet, no person will ever have the feeling of disgust after looking at a Cubchoo. Cubchoo's big head and big ears contribute a lot to its cuteness.

Its name has its origins in the Cubchoo being a cub and the sound of a runny nose with ah-choo. Its creative naming and design place Cubchoo as one of the most adorable Pokemon.

Yamper - Approving Corgi (#1)

Corgis are the most beloved breed of dogs. Hence, it is not a surprise that Yamper is the cutest of all Pokemon. Yamper is a canine Pokemon with yellow lemon puff around its neck. Yamper also has green eyes surrounded by yellow highlights, connecting with a light-brown patch that extends to the outside of its ear. The inner part of its ear alternates a green and yellow patches.

This Welsh Corgi-like Pokemon has all the traits of a dog: chasing moving objects and love for treats. Yamper is that Pokemon that would easily have its counterpart in the real world due to its realistic shape and appearance.

Jasper Nikki De La Cruz
JN is a video game enthusiast and has written for various gaming outlets for a decade. Check out his gaming recommendation blog .
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