The Top 5 Best Dog Pokemon

There are many dog-like Pokemon in the Pokemon world. The following list is not limited to domesticated dog-inspired Pokemon, but the entirety of the Canine family. Generation I introduced several dog-like Pokemon such as Eevee and its Eeveelutions, Vulpix and Ninetales, and Growlithe and Arcanine. The number of dog-like Pokemon has since increased significantly with every Generation.

Below are the top 5 best dog-like Pokemon:

Snubbull - The Fairy Dog (#5)


Snubbul was introduced in Generation II. This bulldog, being dressed in pink with blue polka dots, has received adoration from many Pokemon fans. Just like its real-life counterpart, the Snubbul's scary exterior is the opposite of its temperament. Snubbull is both playful and loving. It is also very popular among women, with most trainers, both in Pokemon games and the animated series, carrying this Pokemon.

Snubbull has a minor arc early in the anime. Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull, distinguished from other Snubbull for having two red ribbons in its ears, appeared in 51 episodes of the anime series. Snubbull's physical appearance may be hysterical, but it is also easy make similar to that of your own pet bulldog.

Snubbull also appeared in the movie Detective Pikachu.

Houndor - Houndor of Baskerville (#4)


Houndor, a dual Dark/Fire-type Pokemon, was also introduced in Generation II. It has short and black fur. Houndur's underbelly is red and so is its muzzle. Its tail is short and so is its ears. Around its ankles are white bands. There is also a ridge-pattern on its back and its nose is triangular and black.

Houndor is one of the most intelligent Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. This mirrors the real-life quality of actual hound dogs. In the anime, Houndor is portrayed as loyal and caring when it refused to abandon a sick pack member. Trained Houndor are faithful and obey their trainers.

Ninetales - Divine Canine (#3)


Ninetales is one of the most popular Pokemon, not just because it is canine, but also because it is one of the original Pokemon. Ninetales' appearance is full of mysticism - it has a slender and fox-like exterior, white-and-gold fur, red eyes, and nine tails.

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Ninetales was introduced in a banned episode of the Pokemon anime that caused hundreds of children to have seizures in Japan.

Ninetales is also one of the most intelligent Pokemon, a characteristic many of the dog-like Pokemon share. Ninetales can understand human speech and it is also one of the most vengeful Pokemon as it curses those who mistreat it.

Lillipup - Small and Incredible (#2)


More often than not, the smaller the Pokemon is, the cuter it gets. The cuteness level of the Lillipup is also increased due to the fact that this particular Pokemon is essentially a puppy. Lillipup is a small brown dog with brown eyes and a red nose. Lillipup's face is filled with cream fur and this fur is used as radar, providing Lillipup with information about its surroundings.

Being a dog Pokemon, Lillipup is also intelligent and it can independently measure its opponent's strength. Due to this cute dog-like Pokemon's smartness, Lillipup is popular for beginners for its aforementioned strategic advantages.

Yamper - Everybody Loves a Corgi (#1)


The Welsh Corgi is one of the most popular dog breeds available in the real world, and so it should be no surprise that Yamper is the best dog-like Pokemon on this list.

Yamper is an Electric-type Pokemon which shares its physical appearance with the Welsh Corgi. Resembling a collar is yellow fur around Yamper's neck. Like the lovable dog that it is, Yamper chases everything like people and cars. At the base of its tail is an organ that generates electricity. Just note that Yamper will only assist people if it is given treats.

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