Top 3 Livestreaming Fails

These days, the digital age captures almost everything, with some recording devices even being active 24/7, or at the very most a simple button press away.

With everything being recorded, there are going to be fails, mistakes, accidents, and other general disasters captured... captured for all to see when you happen to be carrying out a livestream on Twitch.

Now, some of these incidents may have been staged to gain internet notoriety, but regardless if they happened naturally or through careful planning, they are awkward and too funny not to ignore.

hellbringer13225 Tinder Disaster

hellbringer13225 playing League of Legends

While playing League of Legends, streamer hellbringer13225 was interrupted by his partner. The confrontation was due to hellbringer13225's allegedly active Tinder account. The audio of the confrontation was broadcasted on his Twitch channel. It was part hilarious, part embarrassing, but a whole lot entertaining. The incensed partner described the entire Tinder profile including the name and the bio. The Tinder bio states, "Always down for a chat. Hook-ups are okay, but not required."

The streamer vehemently denies the veracity of the Tinder profile. The exchange between them was laced with profanity. Fortunately, it did not end to something physical or halted the stream.

IthemanTurk Proves Gaming Has No Age Limit

Many consider CS: GO as the game that tests a person's skill the best. The first-person shooter requires all of the following: dexterity, hand-and-eye coordination, the utmost familiarity of the maps, teamwork, and mastery of the guns' recoil pattern. IthemanTurk, a 59-year-old Twitch streamer, won a CS:GO match in the clutch.

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In round five in the Mirage map, IthemanTurk stalked the B bombsite after the bomb has been planted. IthemanTurk had the objective of keeping the bomb ticking and/or kill the remaining opponents. IthemanTurk made a headshot while switching positions and kept the bomb alive until it exploded.

Obviously, this is not a "fail" on IthemanTurk's part, but rather those he dominated in CS:GO. How can they let an old man beat them in a young man's game?

Call Of Duty Pro Gamer Shooting A Gun While Drunk

The former member of Soar Gaming Carl Reimer discharged a loaded gun in livestream.

While casually brandishing his Glock to his audience, he unintentionally shot his monitor. He was surprised that the gun is loaded, swearing that he was sure it was not loaded. No one was injured from his carelessness. He was then suspended on Twitch and fired from Soar Gaming. It was later found out that he was drunk during this incident.

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