Tony Khan talks about CM Punk and Goldberg in the AEW

If you're thinking that this means that either star are headed to the WWE rival, don't get your hopes too high up just yet.

CM Punk's name keeps being thrown around in AEW circles even though he hasn't appeared inside the ring for almost a year.

As All Elite Wrestling (AEW) prepares to hold its biggest show ever at the Wembley Stadium in London this summer, many are speculating on who might be the major draws for the event. It's expected that one of its biggest stars, MJF, will be there to defend his title belt, much to his protest. But, names like Goldberg and CM Punk are atop of every fan's wishlist, which the company's CEO knows very well.

Tony Khan appeared at a post-show media scrum following the successful AEW Double or Nothing PPV, mentioning the aforementioned wrestlers. Or, in CM Punk's case, refused to say what fans want to hear.

According to Khan, he isn't prepared to address whether or not CM Punk will be at the launch of Saturday Night Collision on June 17. However, he did hint that more details would emerge as the date draws nearer.

Collision, which takes place in Punk's hometown, Chicago, is the perfect avenue for Punk's imminent return following last year's suspension.

Punk's involvement in the new AEW would mark a huge win for AEW. Unfortunately, the company has refused to talk much about the controversial superstar over the past year.

Goldberg has been a star everywhere he's gone, from the WCW to the WWF then the WWE, so there's no reason to think that he wouldn't be a draw in the AEW.

What's more interesting is what Khan said about Goldberg. The WWE Hall of Famer has expressed his desire to have one final run before heading off into the sunset. Khan says he's talked to "Bill", calling him a "great guy". Unfortunately, Khan stopped short of confirming if they've ever talked about bringing him into the AEW to finally get his flowers, or so to speak.

Both Goldberg and CM Punk are household names in the wrestling industry, which AEW could use especially given the AEW and its recent struggles.

Now that the AEW has officially established itself as a legitimate rival to the WWE, it needs to find ways to draw larger crowds going forward. The best way to do so is to have big names on the roster, which WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, and Brad Gilmore, agreed to in a recent episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast.

It remains to be seen if AEW's future plans include CM Punk and Goldberg but it wouldn't surprise us if this were the case.

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