Tom Hardy shares an exciting update about Venom 3

Tom Hardy star reveals Venom 3 has started pre-production, hinting that a release date announcement might come sooner than expected.

Tom Hardy will be co-writing the screenplay with director Kelly Marcel.

Last year, Sony greenlighted the production of Venom 3 following the commercial success of the first two films. Now, an update from its lead actor suggests that the movie has already begun pre-production.

Venom actor Tom Hardy has been very involved with the series and worked on the screenplay for the first two movies. He is similarly involved in Venom 3 and reveals that the script is being written.

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Tom Hardy shared a video on Instagram with a caption stating that Venom 3 is in pre-production. "Whilst working on V3 pre prep @lelping @sonypictures @sony @venommovie this throwback came up," Hardy wrote.

Hardy shared a deleted scene from Venom where Brock and the symbiote are arguing about going to the hospital.

The clip that Hardy shared is a deleted scene from the first Venom movie showing Eddie Brock and the symbiote Venom arguing while on the way to the hospital. The humorous exchange ends with Brock convincing Venom to go to the hospital to see his ex-girlfriend Anne.

What we know about the Venom 3

Venom 3 may be the last time we see Tom Hardy as the anti-hero.

Details for Venom 3 remain scarce as the script is still being written by Hardy and director Kelly Marcel. Sony tapped Marcel to helm the project after being the screenwriter for the first two films. Venom 3 will serve as Marcel’s directorial debut.

Aside from Hardy, only Michelle Williams might reprise her role as Brock’s ex-fiancée Anne Weying in the series. The actor has expressed her interest early on to return to the franchise but it's unclear if this is official.

As for the plot of Venom 3, we're expecting the story to address the post-credits scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home with Brock and Venom discuss the events of the MCU blip. Fans may recall that a part of the symbiote was left in the MCU after Hardy was teleported back to his version of Earth.

There are rumors that Venom may be fighting Spider-Man in the third movie. A crossover event involving Spider-Man will surely excite a lot of fans. However, it is still just a rumor at this point and more plot details will likely surface closer to the start of principal photography.

A rumor suggests that Venom may be fighting Spider-Man in the third film.

One question that looms over the series is whether Hardy would continue playing Venom for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The actor teased that Venom 3 will be the "last dance" for him, suggesting that the movie may be the finale of the series.

There is no official release date for Venom 3 as of writing.

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