Eric Kripke reveals title for The Boys Season 4 finale

Eric Kripke will be directing the season finale of the upcoming fourth season of The Boys himself whenever it comes out on Prime Video.

The Boys' universe is expected to grow with at least one more season of the mainline series and a spin-off that might be out later this year. Unfortunately, we have no idea when Season 4 of The Boys will arrive. But, as the filming is now over, the cast and crew haven't been afraid to shed light on what to expect. The showrunner, Eric Kripke, in particular, was generous enough to give us a look at the title of the Season 4 finale.

Eric Kripke Reveals Title For The Boys Season 4 Finale
Assassinations and deaths seem to be a common theme among season finales in The Boys.

Kripke will direct the Season 4 finale himself with a script by Jessica Chou and David Reed, who wrote "Herogasm" and "The Only Man in the Sky", respectively.

The Season 4 finale will be Kripke's first time to direct an episode of The Boys since the Season 1 finale.

As expected, fans have spent the many hours since the revelation speculating what the title could mean for its plot. Season 3's finale also featured an assassination with The Deep drowning U.S. Lamar Bishop in his home pool under the orders of a now-tyrannical Homelander. Some believe that the episode title alludes to an assassination (or, at least an attempt) of Victoria Neuman, albeit one conducted by Billy Butcher's bunch of misfits.

Eric Kripke Reveals Title For The Boys Season 4 Finale
All of this information is still pretty disappointing to hear without an update about when The Boys Season 4 will arrive.

The plot details for The Boys Season 4 are scarce at the moment, but Kripke is expected to reunite with Supernatural star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, in an undisclosed role. Other newcomers include Rob Benedict, Elliot Knight, as well as Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward. But, while The Boys Season 4 doesn't have a release date yet, fans can look forward to the premiere of the series' second spin-off and the first one that's live-action.

Gen V will explore the university lives of future superheroes under the care of Vought Industries when it premieres on Prime Video later this year.

Speaking of The Boys, the live-action comic book adaptation surpassed The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as the biggest show on the streaming platform.

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