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Tim Burton teases return for Wednesday season 2

The director confirms his involvement in the sophomore season of the hit Netflix series.

Tim Burton will be part of Wednesday Season 2.
Tim Burton will be part of Wednesday Season 2.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of Wednesday for a second season. While production has been interrupted by the Hollywood strikes, one of the directors gives promising updates for the TV show.

Tim Burton confirmed his involvement in the second season of Wednesday on Netflix in a recent interview with BFI. The director helmed half of the eight-episode-long first season which was a smash hit on the streaming platform. Burton already has things in mind for Season 2 but is still unsure how much participation he will have in the upcoming season due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

"I mentally put stuff on hold until all the strikes are over," Burton said. "I can edit and do things I can do, but until the veil is lifted, then things get back into it. But yeah, I'll be involved in some [way]. I'm not quite sure, because everything has stopped at the moment."

Burton says that collaborating with star Jenna Ortega will be critical for season 2.
Burton says that collaborating with star Jenna Ortega will be critical for season 2.

The director also touched on his collaboration with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega on the upcoming season. Burton reiterated Ortega's importance to the show, saying that the second season "could not have been done without her."

"When I did 'Wednesday,' the reason I loved it is I just related to the character so much," Burton explained. "But to me, it could not have been done without her. You can write it good, you can do whatever you want to do, but that kind of a character would need such clarity and purity, and strength. A person has to have that. So for me, she basically made the show that way."

Ortega previously mentioned that the production team already started prep for season 2 back in April. According to the actress, Season 2 will explore new storylines and promises to "be bigger and better" than the previous season.

"No vacations or anything like that. We are starting to prep Season 2 of 'Wednesday,' which…has been exciting," Ortega said. "Just developing new storylines and seeing where characters are going. Starting those conversations has been really, really fun. I think it's going to be bigger and better, which is cool."

Ortega said that preproduction for the second season has already started before the strikes.

The WGA and SGA-AFTRA strikes have disrupted the production of many films and movies. Many of the Marvel movies have been delayed while production of popular TV shows has ceased. There have been reports that the WGA is working out a schedule to return to the negotiating table. However, there is no end in sight yet and actors have been affected financially by the work stoppage.

Work on the second season will undoubtedly resume once the strikes have been resolved. Season 2 of Wednesday has not yet started filming so it will be a while before we get a new season. We will hopefully get a second season anywhere from late next year to the middle of 2025 if the strikes end this year.

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